Ferrari 812 Superfast Scuderia Shields | LED Steering | Carbon Drivers zone | Lift |

0 2.9 sec.
0 340 km/h
0 799 pk
Merk Ferrari
Model 812 Superfast
Type Scuderia Shields | LED Steering | Carbon Drivers zone | Lift |
Carrosserie Coupé
Kleur Nero DS 1250
Laksoort metallic
Transmissie Automaat
KM stand 19.500 km
Registratie 4 February 2019
Brandstof Benzine
Versnellingen 7
Consumenten adviesprijs
€ 399.450,- Marge auto
Prijs € 398.200,-
Kosten rijklaar maken € 1.250,-
Export prijs marge € 348.000,-

Ferrari 812 Superfast Scuderia Shields | LED Steering | Carbon Drivers zone | Lift |

The Ferrari 812 Superfast is the successor to the F12 Berlinetta. The concept of a rear-wheel drive, two-person GT with front-mounted engine takes a special place in Ferrari history. Look at the 599GTB, 550 Maranello, 365 Daytona and 250GT. Despite Ferrari's expertise in turbocharged engines, Ferrari has made it clear that none of these technologies are integrated into the legendary front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, V12-engined berlinetta design, specially because of the heritage. That is why the 812 Superfast has the 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 engine that delivers an impressive 800 hp and 718 Nm of torque. You can imagine the engine sound is magnificent, not to mention the performance.

The car offered here is ordered in 'Nero DS 1250' in combination with black leather interior, high-gloss black wheels, yellow brake calipers and yellow interior stitching. Of course the Scuderia shields are not missing! A great composition that gives the car a tough and sporty look.

This 812 has the following options:

* AFS2 Adaptive headlights SBL function
* BVEN Black ventilation panels dashboard
* CALY Brake calipers yellow
* CIDL Carbon fiber drive zone + LEDs
* ELEV Suspension lift system
* EMPH Headrest embroidery yellow
* EXAB Exhaust tips in black
* WHOLE High Emotion, Low Emission
* LOGO Scuderia badges exterior
* RPMY Rev counter in yellow
* SPEC Special arrangements
* STC1 Contrast stitching yellow
* High gloss black alloy wheels

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Scuderia Ferrari schildjes

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Multimedia systeem
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Airco (automatisch)
Contrast Stitch
Elektrisch verstelb. bestuurdersstoel met geheugen
Elektrisch verstelb. passagiersstoel met geheugen
Lederen bekleding
Stuurbekrachtiging snelheidsafhankelijk
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Alarm klasse 1(startblokkering)
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