Morgan Plus 4 2.0i | 1-st Owner |

0 7.3 sec.
0 195 km/h
0 154 pk
Merk Morgan
Model Plus 4
Type 2.0i | 1-st Owner |
Carrosserie Cabriolet
Kleur Old English White
Laksoort basis
Transmissie Handgeschakeld
KM stand 19.000 km
Registratie 26 January 2018
Brandstof Benzine
Versnellingen 5
Consumenten adviesprijs
€ 69.950,- BTW auto
Prijs € 68.700,-
Kosten rijklaar maken € 1.250,-
Export prijs € 52.950,-

Morgan Plus 4 2.0i | 1-st Owner |

Morgan has been building lightweight vehicles since 1909. Initially tricycles and later also cars with four wheels, called 4/4. The heavier engine version was introduced in 1950 under the name Plus 4. Now, almost 70 years later, a Morgan Plus 4 is still being produced in Malvern Link, now equipped with a modern 2-liter engine with 154 hp and 201 Nm of torque. .

The beautiful Plus 4 that we offer for sale here was put into use for the first time in 2018. The car is beautifully painted in Old English White with Yarwood black leather interior. The dashboard is made of dark wood and the original steering wheel has been replaced by a beautiful leather MotoLita steering wheel, which looks nice and offers a good grip. The classic character is enhanced by the polished stainless steel wire wheels and the lights on the front wings. The sporty overrider bumpers, tread rubbers, the luggage rack and the mesh grille make it all complete. A special item is the rear window which can be opened, so that you can put up the roof on a sunny day, but by removing the side screens and the rear window it still feels like driving in the open air. This is not a factory option but very nicely made, as if it was done at the factory.

Opties & uitrusting

MOG 15'' RVS Spaakwielen
MOG Bagagerek
MOG Easy-up dak
MOG Klassieke stadslichtlampjes
MOG Mesh grille
MOG Ronde buitenspiegels
MOG Treeplankrubbers

Radio cd speler

Geperforeerd leder
MOG Chrome binnenspiegel
MOG Dashboard Tawny hout
MOG Elastische deurtassen
MOG Klokje
MOG MotoLita stuurwiel


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