Morgan Plus 4 2.0i 110th Anniversary

0 7.3 sec.
0 195 km/h
0 154 pk
Merk Morgan
Model Plus 4
Type 2.0i 110th Anniversary
Carrosserie Cabriolet
Kleur Sports Black
Laksoort basis
Transmissie Handgeschakeld
KM stand 40 km
Registratie 22 August 2019
Brandstof Benzine
Versnellingen 5
Consumenten adviesprijs
€ 99.950,- BTW auto
Prijs € 98.700,-
Kosten rijklaar maken € 1.250,-
Export prijs € 54.808,-

Morgan Plus 4 2.0i 110th Anniversary

The Morgan Plus 4 has been one of the most successful Morgan in the production line for years. This is mainly because the ratio between the power and the weight of the car is very well balanced. The 154 hp 2-liter engine with 201 Nm of torque fits perfectly with the low weight of a Morgan, but does not make the nose too heavy. As a result, the Morgan responds very directly to any steering movement. In addition, the Plus 4 still has that 'classis Morgan look' and the construction of the car does not actually require greater perfomance. It's not for nothing that Morgan calls the Plus 4 the 'sweet spot' in their model range.

Morgan's history goes back to 1909, when the founder Henry Morgan built his first car. His grandson is now at the helm of the family business and Morgan is still building modern classics in the traditional way, but with modern technology. In 2019 Morgan will produce a limited number of '110th Anniversary' editions of the Plus 4.

This 110th Anniversary Plus 4 is one of the last available cars that benefits from the anniversary 'presents' of this great brand. The badges on the outside and the red stitched logos in the headrests emphasize that this Morgan was built in this anniversary year.

You don't see a 'Black Edition' that often with Morgan, but it looks stunning! The bodywork in Sport Black paint with the wide black spoke rims underneath. The 'Black Pack' includes black window frames, headlight rings and a black leather interior with heated performance seats with a subtle red stitching. The black painted dashboard, black Box Weave carpets, black grille and a black Mohair roof complete this Black Pack. What a beauty! The Aero Racing sports exhaust provides a matching extra cool sound from the 2.0i engine.

This Morgan Plus 4 is equipped with the following specifications:

* Black pack
* Aero Racing sports exhaust
* 110th YRS badges
* Mesh grille
* Mohair roof
* Engine hood belt
* Tonneaucover mohair
* Stainless steel chassis cover
* Moto-Lita handlebar
* Seat heating
* Performance Seats
* Luggage rack with side screen storage

Opties & uitrusting

Mistlampen voor
MOG 110th YRS badges
MOG Aero Racing sportuitlaat
MOG Bagagerek met raamruimte
MOG Black Pack (koplampen, raamstijlen, A-stijl)
MOG Grille in zwart
MOG Kaphoes mohair
MOG Mesh grille
MOG Mohair dak
MOG Motorkapriem
MOG Ramentas mohair
MOG Tonneaucover mohair
MOG Voorspoiler
Spaakvelgen zwart

Dashboard in kleur carrosserie
Geperforeerd leder
MOG 110th YRS logo in hoofdsteunen
MOG Box weave tapijten
MOG Chassiscover RVS
MOG Chrome binnenspiegel
MOG Contrasterende stiksel
MOG Elastische deurtassen
MOG MotoLita stuurwiel
MOG Performance Seats
MOG Stoelverwarming
MOG zonnekleppen in leder
RVS deurvangers

MOG Voorruit verwarmd

MOG Fotoreportage van de bouw


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