Morgan Plus 4 2.0i | One owner | 16" wire wheels

0 7.5 sec.
0 189 km/h
0 145 pk
Merk Morgan
Model Plus 4
Type 2.0i | One owner | 16" wire wheels
Carrosserie Cabriolet
Kleur Royal Ivory
Laksoort basis
Transmissie Handgeschakeld
KM stand 21.500 km
Registratie 3 July 2013
Brandstof Benzine
Versnellingen 5
Consumenten adviesprijs
€ 56.950,- Marge auto
Prijs € 55.700,-
Kosten rijklaar maken € 1.250,-
Export prijs marge € 56.950,-

Morgan Plus 4 2.0i | One owner | 16″ wire wheels

The Morgan Plus 4 is a car that has retained its charm since its launch in the 1950s. The Plus 4 series is equipped with a 2.0 liter engine (Ford) with 145 hp, which has ample power for touring on inland roads or on the highway.

This Morgan Plus 4 was built in 2013 and moved along with its owner to The Netherlands, after being delivered in Belgium. The car has only driven 21,500 kilometers and is in beautiful condition! The off-white, also known as Royal Ivory or Old English White, looks fantastic on a Morgan. In combination with a dark blue leather interior and a dark blue fabric roof, this Plus 4 has a striking yet classic British character. The large stainless steel spoke rims mean that Morgan has mounted wide mudguards, giving this Plus 4 a full and tough appearance.

The dashboard is painted in the same Royal Ivory paint as the body, which fits well with the completely dark blue interior. The leather sports seats are equipped with headrests and the elastic door bags offer pratical storage space. The adjustable wooden steering wheel accentuates the sporty British character of this Morgan.

With few kilometers on the clock and in perfect condition, this Morgan is ready for a new adventure. Your beautiful suitcase or picnic basket can be placed on the back of the luggage rack. Are you ready for a ride in this modern classic?

This beautiful Morgan Plus 4 has the following options:

* Royal Ivory lacquer
* 16 inch stainless steel spoke rims
* Luggage rack
* Badgebar
* Dark blue easy-up roof
* Mesh grille
* Tonneaucover mohair
* Mohair roof
* Wind deflectors
* Sports seats
* Wooden steering wheel

Opties & uitrusting

Buitenspiegel rechts
MOG 16" RVS Spaakvelgen
MOG Badgebar
MOG Bagagerek
MOG Easy-up dak
MOG Mesh grille
MOG Mohair dak
MOG Overriders
MOG Ramentas mohair
MOG Ronde buitenspiegels
MOG Tonneaucover mohair
MOG Treeplankrubbers
MOG Winddeflectors

12Volt aansluiting
12Volt aansluiting
Dashboard in kleur carrosserie
MOG Chassiscover RVS
MOG Chrome binnenspiegel
MOG Elastische deurtassen
MOG Houten stuurwiel
MOG RVS deurhandel covers
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