Morgan Plus 8 4.8i V8 | 50th Ann. | # 10 of 50 | Manual

0 4.5 sec.
0 249 km/h
0 368 pk
Merk Morgan
Model Plus 8
Type 4.8i V8 | 50th Ann. | # 10 of 50 | Manual
Carrosserie Cabriolet
Kleur Nogaro metallic blue
Laksoort metallic
Transmissie Handgeschakeld
KM stand 2.900 km
Registratie 15 May 2018
Brandstof Benzine
Versnellingen 6
Consumenten adviesprijs
€ 197.500,- BTW auto
Prijs € 196.250,-
Kosten rijklaar maken € 1.250,-
Export prijs € 136.500,-

Morgan Plus 8 4.8i V8 | 50th Ann. | # 10 of 50 | Manual

In 2018 the Morgan Motor Company celebrated the 50th anniversary of the iconic Plus8 with a series of 50 cars, appropriately named 50th Anniversary. These 50 Morgans were also the last Plus8's built by the Morgan Motor Company because after this the V8 engine disappeared from the program. This special edition was delivered in two variants. The first in dark green and fitted with a black roof and black leather. The other variant in Nogaro Blue metallic, without a roof. In fact, it also didn;t have a full windscreen or side screens. This version can be called a real Speedster with only two Brookland screens as 'windscreens'. A tough and rugged composition inspired by the Morgan racers where all the unnecessary weight has been left out.

The blue color refers to one of the first prototypes of the Plus8 from 1968 that is still owned by the Morgan Motor Company. Morgan designed these aluminum wheels especially for the 50th Anniversary because the 367 hp V8 engine is far too powerful for wire wheels. LED headlights and spotlights reveal that this is not an oldtimer, while the body may suggest otherwise. Since 2012 the Plus8 is based on the aluminium Aero chassis and has the 367hp 4.8i V8 BMW engine with a six speed manual or automatic gearbox. This particular car has the manual gearbox which suits the car's character.

Most of the buyers chose the green version with the roof. Probably only a few cars were delivered in blue, especially with the steering wheel on the left side. This is car number 10 out of 50 and therefore a very special car that the connoisseur can appreciate. A piece of Morgan history that will rarely come onto the market.

Opties & uitrusting

18" inch Licht metalen velgen
Brookland screens
Buitenspiegel rechts
LED Koplampen
MOG Cibie LED verstralers XL
MOG exterior graphics
MOG Mesh grille
MOG Motorkapriem
MOG Ronde buitenspiegels
MOG Tonneaucover mohair
MOG Voorspoiler
Witte remklauwen
Witte uitlaten

Radio cd speler

Lederen interieur
MOG Box weave tapijten
MOG Dashboard in mat hout
MOG Elastische deurtassen
MOG Extra waterbestendig leder
MOG Stoelverwarming
MOG stuurkolom en deurhandels met leder
Stuur verstelbaar

Alarm klasse 1(startblokkering)
Anti Blokkeer Systeem
Derde remlicht


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