The Full force of McLaren

An all-new era McLaren Artura

Lightest hybrid at the moment

High torque: 720 Nm

3 years maintenance included



McLaren set all previous notes aside and started the Artura design with a clean sheet. It was time for a completely new McLaren Carbon Fibre Lightweight Architecture (MCLA) and High-Performance Hybrid powertrain. For the McLaren Artura, they re-wrote the rulebook and relentlessly pushed the boundaries. Aerodynamics play the key role in taking performance to even higher levels. McLaren is taking that next step towards the future. Will you join them?

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The beating heart

of the Artura

The Artura is equipped with a brand new V6 engine with double turbo compressor. The engine is 50 kilograms lighter than the previous V8 and produces the highest bhp/litre per kilogram of all V6s on the market. The 120° ‘Vee’ angle provides optimal weight distribution. And the weight-saving philosophy is applied everywhere; the transmission and even the E-Motor itself are made as light as possible. All for awe-inspiring performance.

Hear the engine
0 - 100 km/h

3,0 seconds

Maximum speed

330 km/h


680 hp


3-liter V6 Twin Electrically-Actuated turbochargers


Start light,

get lighter

The Artura makes an immediate and powerful statement: it is the lightest plug-in hybrid supercar around, and with the lowest centre of gravity. The entirely new McLaren Carbon Fibre Lightweight Architecture (MCLA) takes weight-saving to the highest level. At just 82 kilograms, the new monocoque is lighter than the previous design. The Artura is formed to optimise air flow. The new concealed door inlet ducts and rear buttresses channel air over, under and through the body. The rear spoiler and diffuser generate 50 kilograms of downward force for ultimate stability.

Dry Weight

1.395 kilograms


Carbon Fibre Lightweight Architecture

Engine position

Behind the sports seats




The Artura: designed with the driver in mind. The clear and intuitive cockpit leaves you to focus only on the road and on your emotions. The new, larger cabin design offers considerably improved leg, knee and shoulder room. Comfort and quality were top priorities in selecting materials and controls.

Enhance your

driving experience

Two sharp, clear HD screens provide full-colour, crystal clear resolution and 3D graphics. But as well as the new screens, the Artura also includes McLaren Track Telemetry, voice control, Emergency Call and Over-the-Air software updates. And as you would expect, you can also use Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™.

P16_Detail_Speaker_FINAL P16_Detail_CentreScreen_FINAL

What to expect when choosing McLaren?

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