Louwman Exclusive Cars uses functional, analytical and tracking cookies on the website. A cookie is a small file that is sent by an internet server and that is placed on the hard drive of your computer. A cookie, for example, keeps track of the way you visit our website and contains a number of details about your visit. Most cookies ensure that our website works properly and is user-friendly.

On our website we use all kinds of cookies. Our cookies keep the following data:

  • your preferences and language settings of your web browser;
  • specific data to facilitate your visit to the website;
  • information about the web pages that you consulted to visit our website;
  • information about your click behavior on the website and the use of the website;
  • data sent by your browser, so that we can adjust the content and presentation of our website based on your browser type.

This data is used to improve our website. This data is also used for market research and marketing purposes, such as placing advertisements.Some cookies are placed without your permission, because those cookies are technically necessary to enable you to visit our website (so-called functional cookies). We request your permission for other non-functional cookies. This permission is granted by accepting our cookie wall.

Which cookies do we use?

Functional or essential cookies ensure that our website functions correctly.

Analytical cookies

With the help of third-party analytics, we collect statistics about how our website is used. By measuring website usage, we can continue to improve our website to your advantage.

Marketing cookies

We place marketing cookies on our web store. Third parties can also place marketing cookies on our website. We also place marketing cookies on third-party websites. We can combine the information from these marketing cookies. We do this so that we can make you offers that are as relevant as possible based on your online surfing, search and buying behavior. With these marketing cookies we also keep track of which advertisements you have seen.

Below you will find an overview of the cookies we use:

Functional or essential cookies
Functional or essential cookies ensure a user-friendly website and webshop. Important functions such as finding your nearest dealer or saving a configured car make use of this. These cookies also collect information about how you use our website (such as which pages you visit).

These cookies do not collect any information about you that can be used for marketing purposes. Or to remember where you have been on the internet. Also no information is collected that can identify you. All information collected is anonymous and is only used to help us improve the way our website works.

Accepting these cookies is a condition for using our website. If you do not allow these cookies to be placed, then it is possible that the website performs differently during your visit. The following is a list of cookies that we have defined as “Essential Cookies”:

Cookie Description Retention period
Website language preference Saving the user’s language preference while using the site session duration
Website search function Save the user’s search query while using the site session duration
Webshop Storing items that have been placed in the shopping cart for an easier continuation of shopping 48 hours

Analytische cookies

Analytical cookies are used to provide certain services or to remember settings that improve your visit.

We use cookies to improve the website to:

  • Remember any choices that you as a user have made on louwmanexclusive.com
  • Collecting statistics about the way louwmanexclusive.nl website is used
  • Keeping the appearance of the website consistent
  • Test various designs of our website

If you do not allow the use of these cookies, we cannot offer certain services and the website may perform differently than intended.

Below is a list of the cookies that we have defined as cookies “to improve the website”. The information that is collected therein is made anonymous as much as possible. Your IP address is explicitly not given.

Cookie Description Retention period
Google Analytics Data regarding user behavior on the website 2 years

Marketing cookies

Cookies for marketing are linked to services of third parties for offering online advertising. Within Google Ads and the Google Display Network, advertisements are shown based on the websites you visit. Louwman Exclusive uses Google Ads and DoubleClick cookies for this. These cookies store your browsing data and make this information available to external suppliers. DoubleClick and Google ads cookies do not contain any personally identifiable information. Louwman Exclusive uses Remarketing with Google Analytics in online advertisements. External suppliers, including Google, display advertisements on websites and within the search engine. Louwman Exclusive combines the data from direct cookies (Google Analytics cookies) and indirect cookies (DoubleClick cookie and Google Ads cookie) to display targeted and optimized advertisements based on your browsing history. Below is a list of the cookies that we have defined as cookies for marketing:

Cookie Beschrijving Bewaartermijn
Google Analytics / Doubleclick / Google Ads This cookie ensures that visitor profiles can be built up and advertising can be targeted. 2 years
Facebook This cookie ensures that visitor profiles can be built up and advertising can be targeted. In addition, this offers the possibility to link products from our Instagram and Facebook pages 3 months

Cookie settings in your browser

Do you want to adjust your cookie settings? Then use our tool for your. To use this tool, you need a browser that supports JavaScript. If this is not the case, you can manage cookies through the settings in your browser. How this works is browser dependent. You can adjust the cookie settings yourself at any time in your browser to refuse or accept certain cookies. With almost all browsers you can find the information to adjust your cookie settings via the “Help” function of that browser.

If you ensure that certain cookies are not accepted through your browser, it is possible that some functions on our website no longer function (optimally).

Privacy declaration

With the use of some cookies, personal data is also processed. Our privacy statement includes information about how we handle personal data, how our security is arranged and how you can exercise your rights.

We adjust our cookie policy when our website changes or the rules regarding cookies change. You can consult the current version of this cookie policy by clicking on the link to the Louwman Exclusive cookie policy at the bottom of each page.