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Maserati Quattroporte

Grand touring zoals het bedoeld is

Speaking of automobile history: at Louwman Exclusive we always get a warm glow when it comes to the Maserati Quattroporte. The first model was presented to loud applause at the Turin Motor Show back in 1963: a luxury four-door saloon with a race-bred V8 engine! The Quattroporte was to become a fixture in the Maserati line-up. And the new generation does that heritage proud. This is grand touring as it was intended. Today's Quattroporte is elegant and defiant at the same time, with a long wheelbase, shark-like nose and robust grille into which the iconic Maserati trident has naturally been incorporated. Four rear chrome exhausts announce to the world that this is a car that goes the distance. The interior radiates pure luxury, the hand-stitched Italian leather alone does the trick. You have the option of numerous ultra-powerful engines which, typical of Quattroporte, were race-bred. From Ferrari V8 and V6 petrol engines to a mighty V6 turbo diesel. In short, the applause for the Quattroporte can continue as far as we are concerned. We think you will find that our enthusiasm is contagious: hurry to our showroom to view it.

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€ 195.100
Including VAT & BPM
€ 120.193 Tax free (VAT/BPM)

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