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McLaren 765LT

Radical. Relentless. Reborn

We have known for some time that McLaren does not shy away from any challenge. Not even with the new longtail. The assignment? Creat a car that upholds the legend of the Longtails and is as unique as its predecessors. The result was the McLaren 765LT. Based on the 720S, this new supercar is off to a flying start. And on every level, the 765LT lives up to expectations. The car has been made much lighter and more dynamic, resulting in 25% more downforce than with the 720S. The latest addition to the McLaren family is also the most powerful longtail ever. With 765 hp, you can take the car from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.8 seconds. Experience for yourself why we are so enthusiastic? In our showroom we are more than happy to take you into the story.

Available from

€ 412.000
Including VAT & BPM

Top speed

kilometers per hour




seconds 0 to 100


liter Twin-Turbocharged V8

Compile the 765LT.

Configurate the 765LT to your liking.

Meet the 720S.

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In our showroom

Make your dream a reality at Louwman Exclusive

This car communicates everything. With the power and performance of the Senna, but it has a little bit more of a playful character. Awesome!


This is a car that I’ve anticipated for so long; I’ve waited for the better part of a year to have a go in one of these because I think this could be the finest supercar we’ve seen possibly ever.

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