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McLaren Senna GTR

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The McLaren Senna is un unparalleled track machine, yet refined for the road. And then suddenly McLaren came up with the McLaren Senna GTR. This exterme version has been freed from all motorsport rules and pushes it to the limit. The designers took a step back, inflated the Senna and then released it on the track. Simply put, the Senna GTR is a beast. This car continues the GTR story and is built to deliver the fastest McLaren lap times outside Formula 1™. Because only statistics that raise your eyebrows and start pumping hearts extra are worth mentioning. For example, look at the ratio between power and weight. This comes out to 694 hp per ton. And then the downforce... The McLaren Senna GTR gives you up to 1,000 kilograms of downforce. Imagine what that would feel like. This is simply the most extreme, engaging and raw track experience.

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liter Twin-Turbocharged V8

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It’s so mad, but so unbelievably awesome in every possible way. Look at this thing! Crazy things happen and there's not much crazier than going out for a drive in a McLaren Senna GTR on the street.


All these things makes you feel like you're in a race car, from the first time you take a seat in the car. And it makes you want to explore the limits more and more and more. The McLaren Senna GTR is momentous

Bruno Senna
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