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McLaren Speedtail

Like no other

When talking about a hyper GT, everyone gets a different picture. But we all immediately think of something futuristic. Something so unique and innovative that it makes your jaw drop. And we had exactly that when we got to know the McLaren Speedtail. With this car from the Ultimate Series we almost get a glimpse into the future. But McLaren has not forgotten the past and you can also find hints to the legendary F1 here. In the Speedtail, the driver takes place in the middle. There is room for two passenger, both of whom are placed to the side and rear of the driver. The design of the Speedtail provides optimal conditions to get as much out of the car as possible. Have you noticed that the car has no side mirrors? This is cleverly absorbed by screens in the interior, which display images from cameras mounted on the outside. We welcome you for a modern experience.

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liter twin-turbocharged V8 with a hybrid system

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