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Morgan Plus Four

A legacy continued

Timeless style, driver involvement and performance. That's what the new Morgan Plus Four is all about. Since its launch in 1950, these features have defined Morgan's most popular model. The all-new Plus Four is unveiled seven decades later. The features that make the cars so unique have persisted, but the technology has been brought into the 21st century. The Morgan Plus Four is 97% renewed. It now boasts an array of technology and useful features not seen on a Morgan before. No matter how fast you drive, the car's acceleration is effortless. Performance is due to the car's exceptionally low waiting time and the BMW 2.0-liter four-cylinder TwinPower Turbo engine. This produces 255 hp and a torque of up to 350 Nm. A Morgan remains a Morgan, but with this Plus Four, the Malvern car brand has taken a big step into the future. The car is ready for you. Do we meet soon in our showroom?

Available from

€ 92.200
Including VAT & BPM

Top speed

kilometers per hour




seconds 0 to 100


liter Twin Turbo V4

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Configurate the Plus Four to your liking.

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To be honest, a Morgan is so different that you can't compare it to any other new car. The only car that would be considered is another Morgan. The Plus Four is just fun to drive.


The point where 2020s technology meets 1920s craftsmanship. Not perfect, but a joyous thing nonetheless... The Morgan Plus Four is as charming and unique as ever.

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