Backstage at Louwman Exclusive – Bas te Brummelstoete

In 2012 Louwman Exclusive introduced the first McLaren on the Dutch roads. From the very start Bas te Brummelstroete has been involved with McLaren in The Netherlands. As a technician he keeps these sportscars in top shape. Having a cup of coffee in the showroom he proudly tells about everything involved with this.

Not everybody becomes a McLaren technician, how did you end up here?
Initially I came here to work for Bentley. I applied for a job with three different dealerships but regarding the quality of the brand as well as the organisation a job at Louwman Exclusive stands out above the others. After one year McLaren arrived and I was the first one to follow the special trainings for this brand. In the beginning it was really pioneering. It is a young brand and everything was new. Very soon new models came up and my colleague Jeroen joined me as a technician. Together we form a team.

In the meantime there came many models of McLaren and the developments happen in rapid succession. How do you keep your knowledge up-to-date?
Indeed, it changes constantly but meanwhile it goes like a well-oiled machine. We often follow trainings at the factory or online. For each new model a training will be developed and we also follow more specific trainings for instance about engine technique and the development of the engines. Also on the job you learn more practical things for instance how you quickly can disassemble a car. So sometimes we supply the factory with more information. Each car has been built particularly complex. You soon can see the differences, but we look up things regularly because there is so much information. Also because here we all work on two different brands.

A McLaren technician sounds a bit like a boys dream. Was this what you dreamed about as a young boy?
The car trade crossed my path early. My first job on the side was polishing cars at a small car company. There I started the education car technique and electrical technology and I finished this as quickly as possible. The school environment was not my cup of tea, so the idea was to finish the sooner the better. After my education I had to make a choice between cars or electronics. I even started a training HBO electronics but that was too theoretical. I prefer to work with my hands the whole day instead of looking at a screen.

Are the trainings for Bentley the same as for McLaren?
We follow trainings for Bentley too. Bentley has got many older models which we maintain and we receive the knowledge from colleagues who have been longer in this business as well as from reference books. The technique has changed a lot over the years.

What do you like most about your job?
It is a pleasure to work with the colleagues. We have a wonderful team together, everybody helps each other out. That makes it a success. I very much enjoy solving problems for the customer. For me it is a challenge to help a customer as quickly as possible so they can leave the workshop satisfied. People expect that the speed of the cars is the most interesting about this job and you often drive fast with such a car, but that is not the case, I am not an aggressive driver. Sometimes you have to drive a bit out of your comfort zone to test the car after maintenance, but then we do that in a responsible way. Our customers expect to get the car back in a perfect state. We know how to handle these kind of cars and that also leads to the confidence the customer has in us. It is easy for us to lapse into anti-social behavior on the road, the cars itself attracts attention, so it is very important that we practice our profession seriously.

Technician McLaren & Bentley / Employed since: 2012 / Age: 37 / Children: 1 daughter / What keeps him busy besides work: the main part of his time off Bas spends with his daughter, he also likes to relax watching a good movie.

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