Backstage at Louwman Exclusive – Brian Damen

Brian Damen is the youngest technician in the workshop, but despite that this eager-to-learn car technician had already enough work-experience to have been tipped off for the job at Louwman Exclusive. After a successful application procedure he is living his dream now as a technician for Bentley and Rolls-Royce.

You have been working here for some time now, how does the job suit you?
Fine! I am the youngest in the workshop but I don’t think that is really important. In my previous job I also was the youngest in the workshop. I started there as a youngster and learned a lot during those six years.

What is the difference between working on a Rolls-Royce or another car?
The work is more extensive than on a standard car, like for instance a Volkswagen. There are other techniques and often more actions are needed. Much more parts have to be removed because there is so much under the hood. I mainly work on Bentley or Rolls-Royce and sometimes a McLaren.

Working on a Bentley I still recognize things from the software I used during my previous job. With Rolls-Royce and McLaren the instructions are in English and the work is completely different from what I was used to. Because of that I like working on a McLaren the most.

So it is a challenging job?
You are challenged because not everything is standard. For me each day is a learning process. All the other technicians are also still learning. It doesn’t matter how long you are employed here, you always learn something new. Times are shifting and you can see that in the development of new cars as well. From petrol engines to hybrid and full electric ones. Next to my work I am studying to be a first car technician. On Wednesday I go to school. I am still young and like to learn as much as possible to obtain more certificates.

Do you think new developments and the growth of electronics are an interesting aspect of your job?
Yes, I like to search for the fault. These problems are often complex but you also learn from them. The electronics varies by brand, so per brand there is a laptop with software for each car to be read. Digitally, there is a lot of information available and each technician is able to communicate directly with the factory if there is extra support needed.

What do you like most about your job?
I like to solve problems especially when colleagues come to you for help. It makes me happy to see a customer leave with a good feeling. At Louwman Exclusive you have more contact with the customers, I like that. I happily explain to customers what I am going to do with their car and give them advise about eventual repairs. The workshop here is very open, for a customer it is pleasant to know who is working on his car.



Technician / Employed since 2018 / Age: 25 / What keeps him busy besides work: fitness.

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