Backstage at Louwman Exclusive – Eveline van Duijnen Montijn

As the only female driver at Louwman Exclusive Eveline van Duijnen Montijn immediately attracts attention. Once a proud owner of an ‘ugly duck’ which she disassembled and assembled all by herself. When driving an ‘ugly duck’ you are never in a hurry, it doesn't go any faster. Since then she collects and delivers Louwman Exclusives most exclusive cars throughout the Netherlands. Even then she is not in a hurry and always careful so that the car will be delivered safely at the owner.

A female driver in a man’s world, will that cause all sorts of comments?
Indeed I get lots of reactions from clients. Some aren’t sure to hand over the keys of their car, but most reactions are pleasant. They just don’t expect a woman to collect the car, but within minutes I am offered a cup of coffee. It sure is a man’s world, but I love it.

Have you ever before worked in a line of business, dominated by men?
Yes, but not all the time. When my children were small I looked after them and after they grew up I went back to work again. For some time I joined a company dealing in car-supplies. I delivered the supplies to the clients. I always had a great affinity for technique.

From where comes that passion for technique?
That started when I got a moped and I asked my father how it worked. From my father I learned a lot and it also is a matter of just doing and see if it works. My first car was an ‘ugly duck’ which is like playing with Lego, you can simply disassemble and assemble the car. When my eldest son was born, my husband thought the car was not safe enough, so I sold it with a heavy heart. Nowadays I work together sometimes with my eldest son on his Mazda MX5 as well as the maintenance of my own car as much as possible.

At Louwman Exclusive the cars we collect or deliver have a more complex technique as well as ICT, I would like very much to learn more about that. Also it helps me to have more knowledge about the car you drive in than just how to start it.

Will more knowledge of the technique be an advantage to you?
We collect and deliver the cars from our clients, there is rarely a technical problem while doing so. Once I had to repair a broken handbrake at Schiphol Airport. Our technician Bas had informed me about the details. There I was at the Valet-Parking where a group of men were awaiting me, they thought this would be very interesting. Luckily within 10 minutes I managed to replace the handbrake. That was indeed a memorable moment.

Is there a favorite car you like to deliver to a client?
I like a Bentley because it is a beautiful car and has a classic appearance. A McLaren or Lamborghini is great, you attract a lot of attention on the road. People react and respond to these cars. A client told me once that when somebody wants to take pictures while driving, he just pushes the peddle to the metal. Of course we can’t do that. We are responsible for the cars and do not take any risks or drive too fast. It is nice when someone gives you a thumbs up. It is very special to drive these cars on a daily basis. Remarkable but after some time it just feels like work, you get used to it.

You drive carefully from A to B with respect for the car which is not your own. If you are consistent in what you do, you do well, so that the client trusts you with his/her car.


Driver / Employed: since 2017 / Age: 45 / Children: 2 sons / What is keeping her busy besides work: Eveline likes to spend time working on cars.

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