Backstage at Louwman Exclusive – Gerke Hogewind

According to Gerke Hogewind all the technicians at Louwman Exclusive are perfectionists and he is no exception. Aside from his work as a technician for Lamborghini and Maserati he is the only one to maintain his own car a VW, so he tells us. “You just know too much about cars to leave that to someone else”.

Now that you are employed as a technician at Louwman Exclusive for over two years, how do you like your work?
I really enjoy working here. Before I started here I gained a lot of experience from among others working with a VW- and Audi dealership and a Renault dealership. This provided me with a solid base together with my diplomas. The way we work here is rather different from a “standard” dealership.

What is the biggest difference between working at Louwman Exclusive and another dealership?
The company itself is a lot more personal. Here you are not a number and nor is the customer. The biggest difference is that we work here more as a team. Sometimes when you’re short of a hand doing a job you can always ask a colleague for help. Vice versa we always help at the ‘English side’ of the workshop when it is a bit calmer with the Italian brands.

What is the best aspect of your work?
I like replacing engines the most. It happens quit rarely but a big job like that with different activities is very interesting to conduct. Especially with a Lamborghini. The engine is placed in a small area together with the gearbox and also the exhaust. It is a particularly complex matter, so it will take a while.

Of course I like to work on a Maserati as well, but that is a somewhat “normal” car compared to a Lamborghini. You will be triggered to show your skills when you work on a Lamborghini. To replace some sensors almost the whole car has to be reassembled. Then it is fun to come up with a creative solution, so that you can save some time.

So this is a diversified job with these two beautiful brands on the bridge?
Yes, for sure it is. We have a big responsibility for the car we work on and that gives an extra variation.
It is not only the maintenance that we do, we also explain to the customers what work we did on their car. Sometimes we take a spin together in his car when the customer has heard a certain noise or felt a vibration. Then it is nice to be in direct contact with the customer because the noise you hear may-be not the noise he gets irritated by.

The training we get from Maserati responds well to our way of working. You learn to recognize each detail of a car and that makes it easy to explain everything to the customer. After maintenance we hand the car over to Roy so he can clean the car and make it look beautiful again. As a technician there is not much time for that and you can see that Roy tidies the whole car with love, it is very nice to have him to do this. So it is really a team-effort that we do here.

Do you like to work on cars in your spare time?
I always maintained my own cars. Now I own a VW Passat and I know that the technicians at Volkswagen are also well trained but still you think you can do better because it is your car. You know too much about cars. So you know the difference between cleaning the brakes or to clean them well. I like a car to be 200% and not 75%. I believe that the technicians who work here at Louwman Exclusive are perfectionists, they need to be!

Technician Lamborghini and Maserati / Employed since 2015 / Age: 32 / Children: 1 / What keeps him busy beside work: Beside the maintenance of his VW Gerke likes to spend time with his young daughter.

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