Backstage at Louwman Exclusive – Gill Endicott

The reason that Gill Endicott ended up in the car business can be attributed to her husband. He read an advertisement about an Administrator at a luxury car company and as a car lover he pushed his wife to apply for the job. Fifteen years later Gill is still happily working as an Administrator at Louwman Exclusive.

Do I understand correctly that you applied for this job to a suggestion from your husband?
Yes, I had a job as a financial assistant at Spaarbeleg and they were moving their backoffice to the north of The Netherlands. I decided not to move with them. My husband saw the vacancy for an Administrator at Hessing. He is crazy about cars so he pushed me to apply for the job. At that time it was a part-time job and that suited me well because of my young son. After the take-over by Louwman Exclusive I stayed on.

Do you have just as much passion for cars by now as your husband?
No, I do like them but I would never spend so much money on a car. I myself drive a Suzuki Alto and that suits me. My husband is a real car collector, sometimes we have seven cars at the same time. He has a special passion for English cars. We owned all kinds of brands, from a MG to a Rover and now a Triumph Stag. I love to go driving along the Lekdijk in the summer when the weather is nice, with the roof down.

Do you have a preference for a brand at Louwman Exclusive?
I prefer classic English cars and am therefore a Morgan fan. Regularly the Morgan Club visits us here at Louwman Exclusive. We often are the starting point of a rally, many unique cars arrive here when that happens. It is fun to see all those cars. I have been born and grew up in the UK, hence probably the affinity for English cars.

Do you get in contact with the brands as an Administrator?
We purchase many parts from the factory, so I regularly am in contact with Bentley, Rolls-Royce or some other brand. Because there are so many different brands at Louwman Exclusive there also are various systems which we have to integrate in our own administration system. That makes it rather complex and it means that you have to realize that there are exceptions in the process.

What do you like most about your work as an Administrator?
The work changed a lot during the past fifteen years. Much has been computerized in terms of administration.
At first I used to do the car administration too, that way I got to know what was going on within the company. When the company was growing that became too much for me. Now my colleague Justin picked this up.

The job is not complicated but very diverse and it feels like I’m my own boss. I decide how I do my work and that suits me well. For instance today I work on the invoices because relatively not much post came in. The funny thing is that I am a chaotic person but when it comes to the administration or transfers I hardly make a mistake. You have to work accurately and I am good at that even if my desk is a wreck.


About Gill

Administrator / Employed since 2012 / Age: 56 / Children: 1 son / What keeps her busy outside work: Gill is at times very creative, at the moment she draws mandalas.

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