Backstage at Louwman Exclusive – Jan van der Jeugd

Jan van der Jeugd developed the passion for cars and his commercial talent at an early age. He already sold cars before he had a drivers license. He has enjoyed being in the car business for 35 years and is now the Brand Manager Maserati at Louwman Exclusive. A conversation about the love for Italian cars and the casting vote of women in the purchase of a Maserati.

Listening to you, you knew at an early age what you wanted to become.
The commercial talent was there as was the passion for cars. I have had my education at the IVA and my first job was at a Citroen dealership in Dordrecht. I just turned 18 years old and did not have my driving licence. So it was really funny to tell the customers how well these cars drove, while I came to work by train.

Then you can say that you do have a talent for sales.
I have an affinity with technique but I also find it relaxing to polish a car and make it look nice. The contact with customers suits me well. I am not a fan of a quick sale and because of that here at Louwman Exclusive I can really speak my mind. It is pleasant to look together with the customer to the possibilities which our brands can offer them. And so come to a decision that suits the customer.

You are Brand Manager Maserati. A brand that particularly matches a personal approach.
Each Maserati is almost a unique car. There are a lot of possibilities to personalize your car. The beautiful thing of Maserati is that you never will have a standard conversation with a customer. Nobody is the same and the accent of the car differs per customer. Often people talk about their lives. How they succeeded to build a carreer. By knowing them well I can help them better to make a choice. I always had a preference for Italian cars. Of all the Italian brands Maserati is so stylish and so exclusive that the Italians place the brand above Ferrari. “L’ultimo” they say. Maserati is the superlative. You do not buy a Maserati so that your neighbour can see it parked on your driveway but you buy one just for yourself.

Moreover almost 40% of the purchases of a Maserati have been related to a woman.
That is quite a lot. Women have a big influence in the process of buying a Maserati it is a brand that appeals to many women. Stylish and chique. I recently delivered a car to a man who told me that his wife wanted him to buy a new car and it had to be a Maserati. He chose a Levante. I only met his wife when I delivered the car to the couple.

Beside your passion for Italian cars do you also have an affinity with the English brands at Louwman Exclusive?
I may be Brand Manager Maserati beside this specialism we often work together within the sales- and aftersales team. So all the other brands have my attention and I can really appreciate them. It is a beautiful diverse group of brands in no way similar. The same applies to the people who are working here. We all have our specialism and we are different but we work together as a tight-knit team.

That personal attention is not only there at sales. The customer feels that too when I introduce him to Gerke who will work on his car in the workshop or Roy who knows how to clean his car perfectly. These are exclusive brands and the personal attention makes the difference in this company. As a relative newcomer this regularly strikes me.

Brand Manager Maserati / Employed since: 2018 / Age: 53 / Children: 2 daughters / What keeps him busy beside work: Jan is a fanatic field hockey player.

Judith van Pietersom

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