Backstage at Louwman Exclusive – Judith van Pietersom

As Online Marketeer Judith van Pietersom is responsible for all the online communication at Louwman Exclusive. In 2018 the new website was relaunched and immediately awarded with the Online Dealer Award: a public award in the category ‘Best Website’.

You are employed at Louwman Exclusive for one year now. Before that did you have any affinity with the cars that you work with now?
For me it was not a ‘boys dream’, but I always have liked cars. When I was younger we used to play a game who was first guessing the brand of the oncoming cars. Despite that I quickly knew the names of the brands and the models I am not a car-freak. You also cannot ask me about the technique, although now I have learned a lot more about that too. I like to look at the cars and can really enjoy to learn more about them. The affinity has been growing since I work here. And also my marketeer heart is very happy looking at all the cars in the showroom, you can do a lot with this online. It is a ‘sexy’ product.

Do you have a preference for one brand or model?
I myself think that I look at a car in a ‘womens way’. I find the contours of a Maserati very elegant and beautiful. I embraced that brand in my heart. A McLaren looks bold and manly but on the other hand also controlled. In terms of a driving experience the McLaren stands out. Once during a marketing meeting at Silverstone I was allowed to drive a McLaren, then you realize that you sit in a super sportscar. It reacts very directly. The steering wheel responds very quickly. I had to get used to the way people react to the car driving on the public road. They give you plenty of room or sneakily follow you because they think it such an extraordinary car.

The Online Dealer Award was a public award a real appreciation for your online platform.
That people appreciate the website so much is a great compliment. When I started my job here the idea for the new website was already there. For me it was the first project that I took up. I am proud that we have taken the website a step forward. With this website we not only focus on sales, but we also present the story behind the cars and as well as the company. Often a website is only used as a business card but we want to tell more about Louwman Exclusive and all the brands. We have brands in the house with a long history and that deserves attention. Maserati is well known from racing, Morgan exists already a 100 years. People don’t just buy a car, but also the history.

Louwman Exclusive is also well represented on social media. Is that a more important medium than the website?
My colleague Alexander really activated social media during the recent years and that even led to two Online Dealer Awards. I also see the importance of the coherence between the various channels. Louwman Exclusive is a personal business and we have appealing brands so there is a large target group who are interested in what we do. Online we have a considerable ‘fanbase’ not only of customers but also of automotive lovers. ‘Fans’ of a specific brand like Morgan or McLaren. We already took the first step to make the information more relevant and interesting and I expect the involvement of our followers to grow. Of course I observe how the other brands operate, also outside the automotive branch. For instance I think the approach of Armin van Buuren is very interesting. He really built beside his music an online community through what he does online. My aim is to make a welcoming homebase for car-lovers at Louwman Exclusive the same way as Armin van Buuren does for his fanbase.

You communicate a lot online. Are you also direct in contact with customers?
My colleague Julie is responsible for all the events, of course I help her out with big events. It’s nice to speak to people face-to-face during an event. Then you hear what they think of the website or what they see passing by on social media. For me it is also a way to get to know the customer better. For instance it is fun to see how close the Morgan- or McLaren owners are. The events are fun and often it doesn’t feel like work. Then you have a wonderful job, don’t you think?


Online Marketeer / Employed since: 2018 / Age: 30 / What keeps her busy besides work: Judith loves to exercise and is regularly spotted in a pub participating in a pubquiz.

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