Backstage at Louwman Exclusive – Julie Reimus

'A company with ADHD', that's how Julie Reimus describes the organization she works for. As Marketing Manager with lots of additional tasks she is the oil in the engine of Louwman Exclusive. We meet in the lounge enjoying a cup of coffee.

You have been here from the start of this business. Has your job changed since then?
In 2012 I have been asked to help during half a year to start up Louwman Exclusive. That was a period of pioneering because literally everything what you needed as a business had to be regulated from a coffee machine to a copier. After the basis had been organized we started to position Louwman Exclusive as well as the brands and so we succeeded to build longterm customer relationships by organizing events. Recently we have a marketeer for all the online activities. I am especially busy coming up with new ideas and organizing all the events and also supporting Arjen, the Managing Director.

Are you in contact with the brands a lot?
I am regularly in contact with all the brands. The marketing effort varies from one brand to the other. I visit McLaren several times each year to attend a marketing meeting where we beside a product presentation also discuss specifications in more detail. Together with other marketing managers we outline new initiatives. It is always great to be able to spar with marketing managers from different countries.

Do you think that your tasks will shift more to the internet in the next years?
A lot happens online and as Louwman Exclusive we play an active part in the process. Our customers are highly different in character as well as in their decision-making process. There are some who will buy a car in one hour on a Monday morning and others will need two years to make a decision. To tell the story of Louwman Exclusive we use a cross-media approach in which the personal touch always is present. We maintain intensive contact with our customers and I expect to develop this attention for each client in the coming years on- as well offline.

What is a highlight in your job?
I am particularly enthusiastic about the diversity in my job. I always say: “this business has got ADHD”.
A lot happens and constantly things can change. Some of the brand-related information you get in the last minute to prevent the risk of leaking. So once I only had ten days time to organize the introduction of a Maserati Levante. Within ten days there was a location, invitations were posted and 400 guests were enjoying such a beautiful new car. When I drove home that evening, I was bouncing in my car while rejoicing
that all went well and that it had been an awesome event.

Did you already had a passion for cars before this job?
As a child I was more interested in horse-riding and sailing, but half way my twenties I got seriously interested in cars. That was rather late because the love of cars was already in the family for a long time. My mother drove a Formula Vee in the sixties and my grandmother as well as my mother participated in the Tulip Rally. I still have beautiful pictures of my grandmother in her suit standing next to her Peugeot at the start. I participated in the Tulip Rally twice as a navigator. Before I started my job here I was more interested in classic cars. Since I am daily around the fast horsepowers I find the modern cars more interesting. It is my job so I get used to this all, but when I walk through the building together with visitors or when a new model is brought into the showroom then it is still all very special to me.


Marketing Manager / Employed since: 2012 / Age: 49 / What keeps her busy besides work: in her time off Julie likes eating out and drinking a good glass of wine.

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