Backstage at Louwman Exclusive – Justin van Reen

As a child Justin van Reen dreamed of being a technician, but he chose another direction in the car business. In the meantime he became a man with a mission. To learn all the tricks of the trade to be able to start his own business in the future, he has been creating a distinct profile of himself at Louwman Exclusive as a Sales Administrator.

What has happened since you had that dream to be a technician?
Nothing came of that. I always wanted to go to the VMBO to learn to be a car technician. But unexpectedly I got the advice for a secondary education (HAVO). I followed that advice, but my aim was still in the car business. I deliberately opted for the broad-ranged studies of Commercial Economics. I did my minor specifically focused on the automotive sector and even my internships at Louwman Exclusive and The Gallery have been managed with the goal on the automotive world.

So now you have no regrets that you did not became a technician?
I have little insight into the techniques, so looking back it is just as well that I am not a technician. Now my goal is to learn about all the aspects of the automotive industry so that I will be able to start my own business in the future. The Louwman Group is a major company so here I have the opportunity to learn as much as I can. Recently I had the chance to make the switch from marketing to sales.

Are you satisfied with your new job as a Sales Administrator?
I only recently started but I do like it. I am responsible for the sales administration and also partly for the coordination of aftersales. As soon as a customer buys a car with one of our Brand Managers, I take over the administration. I schedule the car at the workshop for maintenance, take care that the car will be polished and made ready for delivery. I also am in contact with the customer about additional wishes, like a tracking system or insurance. I will make an appointment with the customer for delivery and see to it that all the paperwork, like the ascription, is in order. Eventually the Brand Manager hands over the car to the customer.

That sounds like a very interesting jobif you want to learn all about the car business.
That’s right. I am in contact with many colleagues in the company. They all have the same goal to deliver the car to the customer in a perfect condition. However the workshop is always very busy and the Brand Manager likes to deliver the car to the customer as soon as possible. I look after the balance between both parties by making a clear planning. On the other hand I also have many contacts with my colleagues, for instance at the administration or with my colleague Paul who purchases the cars. I see to the transport and the inspection and sometimes that there will be a Dutch registration certificate.

You told me that one day you want to start your own car business, do you already know what it will look like?
I have thought a lot about that, but I am still young and I want to see and do many things until the time is right. Theoretically everybody can deal in cars, but you have to have the feeling for it. My passion lies with Italian cars. Here at Louwman Exclusive I have the greatest passion for Maserati.

What makes Italian cars so special for you?
Italians have an eye for details. It not only has been designed for functionality, but also for the beauty and the excitement. One of my customers once said: “Would you rather have a beautiful wife who forgets to cook, or a wife who cooks every day but is not very exciting”. When you get into the car, you are already smiling, these cars are really cool!


About Justin

Sales Administrator / Employed since: 2017 / Age: 23 / What keeps him busy besides work: playing soccer with his team on Wednesday and Sunday.

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