Backstage at Louwman Exclusive – Leroy Vos

Leroy Vos loves a challenge. According to him no day is the same at Louwman Exclusive, so he is having a very good time. We talked with him in the showroom about his diversified job.

Since 3 years you are Parts Advisor at Louwman Exclusive. Have you been working in the car business for a long time?
I have always been in the car business. When I was thirteen years old I started to wash cars and from sixteen I worked as a technician. At the end working on a car was not really my thing. So I switched to warehouse employee and that suited me well. Before I started my job at Louwman Exclusive I have worked at Hessing and Audi.

What are your main tasks as a Parts Advisor?
I see to it that the parts needed by my colleagues in the workshop are available so that the work on a car is not delayed. I find out which parts they will need, order them if necessary and am in contact with the factory or other suppliers. Of course we have most conventional parts in stock which we keep up to date.

With so many different brands it must be a varied job?
Yes, no two days are the same, that appealed to me when I applied for the job. I used to work with more standard cars. A nice job but here at Louwman Exclusive I manage three brands: Morgan, TVR and Lexus. Especially the brand Morgan and TVR are less standardized than I was used to. Sometimes it is like a jigsaw, but that makes my job so interesting. And that we divide the work with three colleagues in the warehouse makes it more enjoyable. Each has his own task but in the end we work together to make sure the cars will leave the workshop in good shape.

Have you already a preference for a brand?
I like a Morgan because of its charm. Its image is of a historic design and most drivers are older than me, but the factory is working on modernizing the brand. I fell in love with it, especially the 3 Wheeler is fun to drive. It is quite different from for example a Lexus. That is also a beautiful and reliable car. In all these years I never had to order a new engine for a Lexus, it has never been needed. That’s something!

Do you have the passion for cars also in your free time?
Not as much as in the beginning of my working life. I like to spend time at home together with my two children and I am crazy about barbecuing and whenever possible I fire it up. I drive a bike also for commuting. That makes a lot of difference not to get stuck in a traffic jam round Utrecht.
I also love American cars, so maybe I will own one when I will have more time in the future.



Parts Advisor / Employed since 2015 / Age: 34 / Children: 2 / What keeps Leroy busy besides work: riding a bike, Koi and barbecuing the whole year round.

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