Backstage at Louwman Exclusive – Marco Waversveld

During his education at the IVA Marco Waversveld discovered that he had more affinity with aftersales then with sales activities. As Parts Advisor Marco feels comfortable. He is a real team player both in his job and outside. He is the bass player of the country band Windfall already for twenty years.

What is your job within Louwman Exclusive as Parts Advisor?
I arrange the parts flow for Maserati and Lamborghini. I make sure that the technicians continuously can carry on with the maintenance of the cars. In addition we also sell parts on to specialized branches in the Netherlands, like to repair companies. For example I am at the moment very busy with a consignment our driver will deliver to a bodyshop tomorrow.

Did you always had an affinity for Italian brands?
Honestly, I had more affinity with American cars. Before I came here I worked at Hessing, there I started my job in the warehouse for Ford USA and GM in 2001. I still like the big American cars but you can see the spirit of times has changed. Those cars do not have big 8 cylinders anymore. Even in America they produce cleaner and smaller cars and that is more appropriate to this era.
In the meantime I admire a Lamborghini and a Maserati a great deal. I think that for a lot of people a Lamborghini is a dream-car and that counts for me too. I especially am fond of the classic Lamborghini’s like the Countach, you seldom see them, here in the workshop more new models come in. So it is a real joy when an older model is on the bridge.

Did you ever considered to be a technician yourself?
I finished my training at the IVA so I am trained to be a car salesman. During my education and traineeships I noticed that I liked the aftersales process more. After finishing the IVA I had to serve in the army and there I ended up in the warehouse. After that I worked among others at Brezan as a manager and so I always remained with parts and accessories.

Does the work you do for two brands have many differences?
They are both Italian but there the similarity stops. For both brands you keep the most conventional parts in stock like filters but otherwise it depends per model which parts you keep on the shelf. Lamborghini and Maserati both have a different way to work on. Last year I followed a training for a new system to look up and to order parts for Lamborghini. Most trainings are online but this time I went to the factory in Sant Agata near Bologna. Beside the training it was also nice to meet people with whom you have been in contact for years through the phone or email.

Are you also busy with cars outside work?
I worked a lot on Volkswagen Beatles but you need the space to leave the car waiting for a part or just when you don’t feel like working on it. I dropped that hobby somewhat because I am the bass player in the country band “Windfall”.

I used to play regularly all over Europe. It sometimes happened that I boarded a plane on Friday to perform in the south of France, Saturday and Sunday in Spain and Monday back on my work again.
In the nineties country music increased in the Netherlands. Bach then Ilse de Lange and Waylon sometimes sang with our band while starting their career. Nowadays we regularly perform during weekends in the Netherlands.

Parts Advisor Lamborghini and Maserati / Employed since: 2012 / Age: 51 / What keeps him busy besides work: Marco is the bass player with the country band Windfall.

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