Backstage at Louwman Exclusive – Natascia Giusti Brinchi

Like every other Italian Natascia Giusti Binchi loves racing and Italian cars. She is one of the hosts in the showroom of Louwman Exclusive and is in her element at Maserati, Lamborghini and of course the Italian espressos which she happily makes for the visitors. “I never had thought to work here. Unexpected things work out for the best.”

As a host at Louwman Exclusive you must have a varied job?
Yes indeed, the showroom has an exclusive image so it is very important that everything looks ultimately cared for. I make sure that the lounge is tidy, welcome customers and of course offer them a cup of coffee. We answer the phone and manage possible complaints or questions. Some days there are many visitors to welcome and other days there are many deliveries planned. There is enough space for individual initiative in this job. For instance I take care of flight reservations on behalf of my colleagues who travel to the UK or Italy to attend a training. It is a varied job. Often we organize events where I’m the host, for example during the ‘Invited’ evening for our new customers.

Many colleagues do have a passion for cars, does that count for you as well?
Before I started my job here I was not really interested in cars but now that I work here it is growing on me. This is a rugged environment to work in. I’m a born Italian, so I like the Italian cars the most, especially a Maserati. My saying is: “Everything coming from Italy is beautiful”. I always loved to drive fast with my car. My daughter always says: “Mummy, whenever you drive you are a totally different person”.

So you have Italian blood when it comes to driving?
Yes, I was born in Rome and Romans drive like crazy, I think I inherited that from them.
I was only 9 years old when I came to Holland, so my roots are in Italy. I would like very much to live there again. The open culture and the weather suits me. Everywhere you go there is something special to see and I love the atmosphere. You live outside almost all the time. Here in Holland people are more isolated.

So in your time off you prefer to travel to Italy?
Yes, this year I went there in August. I like to travel, but having a young daughter it will only be possible during the school holidays. I just finished fixing up my house, so travelling was at a very low level. I made my daughter a real teen-age room and built a walk-in wardrobe. I love to do lots of odd jobs at home myself. Now that almost everything is done, the time to explore will come again. To go to a movie together, have a nice walk with our two French Bulldogs and of course cook (Italian) food. I really enjoy all this. But a walk in the Italian sun will be the ultimate goal.


Host / Employed since: 2016 / Age: 33 / Children: 1 daughter / What keeps her busy besides work: to explore together with her daughter Lourdes and her two French Bulldogs.

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