Backstage at Louwman Exclusive – Patrick Teunissen

Last year Patrick Teunissen made the switch from the head office of the Louwman Group to a place “closer to the fire” at Louwman Exclusive. He gave up the dream to be a car salesman for a study business-economics. All's well that ends well, because now his workplace is in a showroom overlooking the most beautiful cars.

You are working at Louwman Exclusive for just a short time but you are not a stranger in this building?
No, before I made the switch to Louwman Excusive I had been working at the Louwman Group in The Hague for six years. Then I indicated that I would like to work more from within the business so that I would be in direct contact with the backgrounds of the figures and statistics of my job. When this position came up it fitted perfectly.

And do you like your job in this business? You are literally in the showroom!
Yes, it suits me well. I have been working at KPMG and there I always liked to walk through a customers shipyard to inspect the stock instead of working in the head office at the Zuidas. Then the figures on paper remain very abstract. Here you also see the details which you never can see from the head office. You have more insight and influence on what goes on. This is an exceptional car business because everything that goes on in a car business you’ll find here multiplied. The brands are atypical and that makes everything more complex. In administrative terms, things are more complicated.

Did you always have a passion for cars?
My father made video recordings of me as a young boy playing in the garden holding a steering wheel. My mother worked at a Mitsubishi dealership and I often went with her to have a look in the showroom and the workshop. Whenever I went to the car RAI I always came home with a bag full of brochures. At first I very much wanted to join the IVA to become a car salesman but during high school I discovered that I did rather well in financial subjects, then I chose this direction. But the enthusiasm for cars remained.

Now you can apply your financial knowledge in a car business and you also ended up in a showroom. So you don’t have to regret that you didn’t choose the IVA.
Yes, indeed! More importantly you have to have certain characteristics to be a salesman and I lack those. To sell products is part of your personality. I am good with figures and more a loner in my job. The nice thing about this company is that it is small in scale and exists of professional neurotics. They all have in common that they will do their utmost for the customer. It is wonderful to see that “drive”. In my view it is an advantage that this is a small company. Everyone who works here matters and together we achieve something quite special.

Do you have a favourite brand in the showroom?
From my workplace I have views on McLaren and Maserati, the last is also my favourite. I think the raw force of a McLaren interesting but I like the finesse and style of the Maserati more. The finish inside is beautiful. The disadvantage of this car business is that you see too many wonderful cars. It quickly becomes normal. It is like going on a diet while working at McDonalds or a candy store. You just have to have a nice car. You have to be aware that this is a very special shop. I always realize this when my children visit me here during school holidays and they get quite excited.

Manager Finance / Employed since: 2018 / Age: 41 / Children: 2 daughters / What keeps him busy besides work: Patrick likes to go out to Scheveningen and eating out with his daughters.

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