Backstage at Louwman Exclusive – Paul van de Vorst

According to Paul van de Vorst, he was born with a steering wheel in his hands. So it is no wonder that he works in the car industry for more than 25 years. During the last 15 years his core business has been Lexus, since this year he has taken up the challenge as Purchase Manager for Louwman Exclusive.

Up until January you were Purchase Manager only for Lexus. Does this new job suits you?
It is of course another division now that I purchase all brands. In the past I was specialized in Lexus and I bought and sold used cars as well as new ones. Doing this since 2003 means that Lexus is in my DNA. It’s really a challenge to gain more knowledge about the other brands.

How does the purchase process work?
After consultation with the Brand Managers I decide what car to look for. Then I start the search which will begin often on the internet, the same way as people do at home. But the difference is that I have special car relating software at my disposal so that I can search throughout Europe. I then need to make the phonecall, send e-mails and inspect the cars before I can make a deal.
During this process a lot of cars do not meet our standards. It is really important to find cars in excellent condition.

How do you find the best cars?
That is a matter of experience and to always be on the lookout for good cars. During the years I worked with Lexus I built a wide network so that people also approach me. In the end it is all about a good relationship with the seller. You have to trust one another, everything stands of falls with that. Building a network also takes time. I have a lot of contacts in the Benelux, France as well as Germany. Also recently I made a contact in Italy. I went there to get acquainted and while being there we bought some very nice cars. Quality comes first.

Has there been a time that the quality was disappoiting?
Once I experienced that he car was not according to the description I had received that was really disappoiting. Immediately I put some trade number plates on the car and drove it back myself to the seller. Once but never again.

You work on a daily basis with the most beautiful sportscars. Is Lexus still your favorite?
Of course it is a nice bonus that in this business once in a while you can drive these special cars. For instance I participated in the Try Out Rally. But recently I bought my second Lexus converible and I really love to drive it when the sun is shining.


About Paul

Purchase Manager / In service since 2012 / Age: 49 / Children: 1 daughter / What is keeping him busy outside work: Paul likes to take the Lexus convertible out when the sun is shining.

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