Backstage at Louwman Exclusive – Robert-Jan Bousché

Even though he has been working for two years already as a technician for Lamborghini and Maserati, Robert-Jan Bousché pinches himself regularly to check he isn't dreaming. “If you had told me this 10 years ago, I wouldn't have believed you”. How he got this dream job and what he likes so much about working at Louwan Exclusive he tells us during a short coffee break in the showroom.

Can we bother you for a cup of coffee?
Of course, at the moment I have a big job that will not be finished today anyway. A Maserati 3200GT with oil leakage and a timing belt which has to be replaced.

Are these the best jobs to do?
I exclusively work on Maserati and Lamborghini. I actually have a preference to work on a Lamborghini, because that is a real challenge. The engine is in the back of the car and has 10 to 12 cylinders. These cars are really Italian but there are also some German influences, for example in the diagnosis software. That is useful for me because I had the experience with this software while working at my previous employer. But compared with those times, working on the cars at Louwman Exclusive is completely different.

You are employed here already for two years, are you getting used to it?
I keep realizing that it is about exclusive cars, but it is becoming more routine than in the beginning. Nowadays there are cars like the Quattroporte and the Ghibli which are more “common”. A GranTurismo Stradale or a Lamborghini remain special.

I used to work with Volkswagen when a colleague of mine made the switch to Louwman Exclusive. When after a couple of years a job came available, I applied. I often passed the building but never could have imagined that I would work there. During my job interview it was not just about the qualifications but mainly about whether I would fit in with the team. The working atmosphere is very important, you have to do it all together in the workshop. You are not just busy with that one car.

Are there beside cars more exceptional aspects to your work?
The training from the factories are quite special. I follow a training program and travel twice a year to England or Italy. The courses are not only about new models but also about older ones like the Lamborghini Gallardo. The courses are of a very high standard and you meet technicians from all over the world. I still am in contact with guys from Dubai, Germany and Hongkong. Besides the learning aspect, the atmosphere during such a week is also great.

Are there specific matters for which colleagues come to you?
There is never one specific matter. I work for Lamborghini and Maserati together with two other technicians. You help each other. As I work here longer, you get to know which special knowledge someone has. You always can learn from one of your colleagues and that makes the job so interesting.

Here we are responsible for the car from A to Z and we have a broader range of tasks than in a traditional workshop. We make the diagnosis, discuss parts, possibly make a report for the manufacturer and repair the car. Before handing over the car to the customer, we do the final check, make a test drive and of course we see to it that the car is fully cleaned. You are more in contact with the customer than I was used to.
I myself am a real petrolhead and I like to see that a lot of customers also share this passion for their car and are really interested in the work we do on their car.


About Robert-Jan

Technician / Employed since 2015 / Age: 32 / Children: 1 daughter / what keeps him busy besides work: Travelling to the Nurburgring or visiting a music festival.

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