Backstage at Louwman Exclusive – Robin Vriesenga

With the growth of Louwman Exclusive also the pile of papers about warranty repairs and damage repairs grew. Robin Vriesenga was appointed as Aftersales & Warranty Administrator. Since then he saves his colleagues in aftersales a lot of work. While having a cup of coffee in the lounge he tells about all the things he does and why he feels so comfortable with aftersales.

You are the first Aftersales & Warranty Administrator at Louwman Exclusive.
Yes, that’s right. I was working already for six years as a service advisor at a Ford dealer in Utrecht and I wanted to make a change within aftersales. Just as I had taken the step to look actively this vacancy popped up online. In the beginning I had to make this position my own. Together with the financial manager we wrote a business plan and I set to work.

And how does your function look now after two years?
It is a varied job. Especially the freedom you are given here surprised me. You yourself fill the post and when you have an idea how to make things better there is always the possibility to do so. I can bring my own ideas into my work for a 100%. I am involved with many aspects within the aftersales. I organize the handling of all the warranty repairs which are carried out in our workshop. The fleet here is relatively young so most cars are covered by the manufacturer warranty. That varies from a simple recall of 5 minutes till a complete gearbox renewal. In addition I mediate in the settlement of a claim on behalf of a customer. I am the contact of the Insurance Company, take pictures of the damage and make sure that the car will be transported to the repair shop.

Is there extensive consultation with the various manufacturers?
Yes, I am in contact with all the brands which we maintain at Louwman Exclusive. Each manufacturer like to receive as much feedback as possible about their car. So they can detect certain faults and with that improve the car or their process. This way we also contribute to the quality of the cars. With major repairs it will take much time to document and to express everything. A good communication is of great importance to avoid unnecessary questions in connection with a file. There are specific administration- and warranty-trainings so you can learn how to supply every detail well. It is a time-consuming job with sometimes a document-file filled with outstanding questions.

You have been trained with focus on the automotive industry. Did you know beforehand that you would end up in the aftersales?
I started with a ROC education in selling cars and management. Beside sales also aftersales and business management came to offer. I deliberately chose a broad education because I knew that I wanted to get a job in the automotive branch. Only then I was not sure in which
position. During my internship I worked as one of the reception staff and it seemed to work for me better than giving sales advice. It gave me much more satisfaction. Then I made the choice to go for aftersales.

Did you have an obsession for cars when you were young?
Like a lot of boys I was obsessed with cars when I was young. But I expressed this rather specific. The boy next door had a friends-book and at the question “what will you be later on?” I wrote: “I want to be a car salesman at Hessing”. When I started to work here the boy next door took a picture from the book and sent it to me. So you can see, I have achieved my goal.

Aftersales & Warranty Administrator / Employed since: 2015 / Age: 27 / What keeps him busy outside work: Robin likes to relax on a terrace or watch sports with friends.

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