Backstage at Louwman Exclusive – Roy Bouma

As a teenager Roy Bouma was always more busy cleaning mopeds than working on them. Not surprising that he is now working at Louwman Exclusive as a Detailer and takes care that each car is waiting for his owner polished and shiny. While having a cup of coffee we ask Roy everything about his job.

What do you really do as a detailer?
I maintain the vehicle fleet. I see to it that all the cars in the showroom are well polished and the replacement cars have been washed, cleaned and vacuumed. The replacement cars involve almost ten cars, which are used every day. In addition to that I take care that each car leaving the workshop after maintenance will be washed and cleaned, ready for the customer.

A lot of cars are being handled by you every day then. Do you have a favorite car or brand to work with?
All the cars I work on are very special. They are also very different. If it is a Bentley or a Rolls-Royce I have to watch out because they are much wider and the doors open in a different way. Morgans are clean most of the time. They are well groomed by the owners and will be transported on a trailer. So I seldom get a dirty Morgan.

Since last year you are employed by Louwman Exclusive. Have you always been working in the car business?
I studied to be a technician but made the switch to the car business in 2005. Before that I worked as a yacht painter at a watersports enterprise. I also prepared new boats to be sold and delivered. When times were hard in the watersports sector I made the switch to a village garage where I polished cars and also did some maintenance.

You have always been employed in jobs where you have to work neatly. Are you an orderly person by nature?
I am indeed very organized. I enjoy making things beautiful and to keep it that way. That goes for my workplace but also for the cars I work on. It gives me satisfaction when I hear from a Service Advisor that the customer is happy with the state of his car.

Then your own car is also perfectly maintained?
That is not possible at the moment. I have three children of 2, 5 and 7 years old so during the weekend I spend a lot of time driving them around to soccer and swimming lessons. Therefore I recently sold my oldtimer, a Porsche from 1976. In the old days I cleaned my car as well as my wife’s, but there is no time for that nowadays. But I do try and take care of them.


About Roy

Detailer / Employed since 2017 / Age: 46 / Children: 3 / What keeps him busy besides work: Roy likes to spend time with his three young children.

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