Backstage at Louwman Exclusive – Simon Verhoeven

Each day at five in the morning Simon Verhoeven’s alarm clock goes off. From the other side of Rotterdam he travels 90 km to his work at Louwman Exclusive along the A2 on a daily basis. Then you have to be committed to your work. Simon tells us more about the passion for his trade as a technician for Morgan and TVR while having a cup of coffee.

You have to travel far to reach your work, how come?
Since 2 years I work at Louwman Exclusive, before that I worked as a technician for Morgan and TVR at NIMAG in Vianen. I have been with the Louwman Group since 2000.

So you moved together with Morgan and TVR?
My colleague and I have been working on TVR and Morgan for more than 15 years. Before that I worked at an universal workshop where they did the MOT inspections for the importer. That’s how I became involved with these two car brands.

Did you inherit the trade from your home backgrounds?
My father was involved in the dump trade and we lived next to the site. I grew up between power units, cars and airplanes. Everything to do with technique could be found there. I grew up in that environment.

Do you prefer a specific brand in your work?
I am specialized in Morgan and TVR, but I also work on other cars coming in. Actually I think Morgan and TVR are the most interesting to work on. Because these cars are literally unique with lots of hand-made parts, you need creativity to maintain them. Besides, the Morgan and TVR customers do have a special bond with their car. To possess a car like these is for sure a hobby, the owner likes to be present during maintenance works once in a while. For instance they will help me handing over parts. There are customers who I know for 18 years and who like to arrange an appointment specifically with me.

Is it becoming ‘normal’ to be in this workshop full of special cars?
For me driving in a Morgan or TVR has become normal after so many years. But when I take a spin in a McLaren after maintenance, that is of course incredible. Sometimes you will get a unique car on your bridge. Once I worked on a first model Lamborghini Countach.

Has the trade changed during your career?
I am a technician for 35 years now and during that time the electronics in a car has been further developed. Also the environment requirements are playing an important role. However, I think the mechanical parts are still the most interesting. So accordingly I am well off with Morgan. The technique has been modernized throughout the years, but basically the car dates back to the original design of 1932. Because of the combination of old and new, every day makes me happy to enter the workshop, even after all those years.


About Simon

Technician / Employed since 2015, at the Louwman Group since 2000 / Age: 50 / children: 2 daughters / What keeps him busy besides work: bikes, autosports, his daughters and his labradoodle.

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