Backstage at Louwman Exclusive – Theo Hamers

Since a year the website of Louwman Exclusive has been extended with a webshop. Not only is Theo Hamers one of the supervisors of the Webshop, he is also Parts Advisor for Lexus. A nice combination.

How does the work as Parts Advisor for Lexus as well as the webshop suit you?
It is a pleasant combination. Already during my job application I knew I was going to manage Lexus as well as the webshop. And that suits me fine. I especially like that Lexus is such an outstanding brand. We almost only have wear parts in stock. It is a reliable brand and that reflects on the stock in the warehouse. Air filters, brakes…….the kind of parts which logically wear out. Real calamaties one seldom sees at Lexus. Isn’t that wonderful?

Beside Lexus you are also responsible for the new webshop.
The webshop is since half a year live. At the moment we only sell merchandise, but with so many brands that is a large and beautiful range of products. From model cars to keychains and from bags to clothes. Think about it and we have it. It has been a nice project to launch together with my colleagues. We are also planning to include accessories for cars to the webshop. Items to make a car beautiful and more personal. For instance a spoiler for a McLaren or side mirrors for a Morgan. Obviously we can assemble the ordered items for the customer.

Have you ever controlled a webshop before?
No, before I started here I worked at Volkswagen in the warehouse. I had been tipped off by a colleague about the vacancy at Louwman Exclusive and the combination of the type of enterprise and the varied job I found interesting. A webshop is new to us and everything you do is easy to measure. It makes it really fun to experiment with the range or the format. You learn naturally what people like to see on the webshop.

So the webshop is still developing?
Yes, I spend a great deal of time on it and that is likely to continue. But beside Lexus and the webshop, if necessary, I help out with other brands when colleagues are on a vacation or are very busy. For instance this morning I have done all the research about a Rolls-Royce with a major damage. The repair shop sent us a list of parts needed. With old cars it takes some work to find out if all parts are still available and to put a quotation on them. For modern cars that is well documented but sometimes we have cars from the 60’s or 70’s and then we only have books at our disposal. It is nice when you have been able to sort everything out.

Have you ever wanted to work in the workshop yourself?
As a child I already was crazy about cars and later I followed an education MBO Detailhandel and MBO Automonteur. During my internship I discovered that being a car technician was not my cup of tea at all. Although the technical knowledge is of good use now.

After finishing my training there seemed to be only a few jobs available and accidently I ended up in the warehouse of a company specialised in hydraulics. I immediately liked this work and so my next job was in the warehouse of a car dealership. This way I ended up with cars again.

Is there time during weekends for cars and parts?
I have two young children of 2 and 3 years old so there is little time for hobbies. Of course I follow the F1 but I like the WRC rallies better, much more spectacular.
I grew up in Emmeloord so each year I watch the Zuiderzee Rally there. A visit to a WRC Rally is still on my list.


Parts Advisor / Employed since: 2018 / Age: 38 / Children: 2 / What keeps him busy beside work: Theo loves to go out with his two young children and closely follows everything about the WRC.

Judith van Pietersom

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