Backstage at Louwman Exclusive – Ton van Ede

If you ask Ton van Ede honestly his heart beats faster looking at an American Peterbilt than at a Maserati. Nonetheless he enjoys being a technician at Louwman Exclusive. Despite that he cannot sit still for long, we managed to coax him for a cup of coffee in the showroom along the A2.

You have been around here for some time as a technician. How did you end up in this trade?
I was working at a Car Transport Company and met my colleague Gerrit at a birthday party. At that time he was working at Hessing and told me that they were looking for new technicians. Although I did not have any certificates, I did apply for the job. I was very handy, liked to work with my hands and so I was accepted as a technician. That is how I learned the trade.

As a child did you dream of being a technician?
No, my father was a truck-driver and so I got the “truck-driver-virus”. I dreamt of being a truck-driver myself, but when I was able to hit the road with a truck I was cured very quickly. Hanging around on the right lane and all the traffic was not my thing. Despite that I like trucks very much, I’d rather work with my hands.

But the passion for trucks is still there?
I am still crazy about American trucks with those long noses. I have much admiration for a Peterbilt, you don’t see them much here in Holland. Sometimes I visit a Truckers Festival if there is one close by. I always tell my wife: “If I ever win the jackpot, the first thing I will buy is a Peterbilt from America”. Of course just as a hobby, I will never make it my profession.

So no regrets being a technician?
No, I like to work with my hands. I started working as a technician with American cars and after that I ran the homologation-branch together with two colleagues. That means preparing the cars for the local legislation.
Before we were taken over by Louwman Exclusive I worked in the metal workshop. I disassembled cars after they were damaged and assembled them after all the parts returned from the spray shop. Nowadays most repair work is done by bodyshops, so at the moment I work as a Lexus technician.

You have been working a lot with American cars, how do you like Lexus?
Lexus is a beautiful brand to work with. Everything fits. Now that I am getting older I am not so easily fazed. For instance I like to find out about failures and not only for Lexus. I once had a Bentley in the workshop with an oil leakage in the wiring, from the outside there was nothing to see, the wiring was sealed neatly. But it seemed a pressure sensor was leaking internally and because of that oil came in contact with the wiring. It was a real jig-saw to solve and then the complete wiring needed to be replaced.

The whole interior of the car was placed next to the bridge. I took pictures of everything to register the way the wiring runs through the car. This was a project I was very sorry to complete.

About Ton

Technician / Employed since 2012 / age: 53 / Children: 1 daughter / What keeps him busy besides work: during his time off Ton likes doing odd jobs in and around his home. From stucco to electrics, he can do it all.

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