Backstage at Louwman Exclusive – Vincent van Andel

It is quite clear that Vincent van Andel has a passion for cars when he tells that he bought his first car when he was sixteen years old. As a Sales Administrator at Louwman Exclusive he is totally at home. Behind the scenes he takes care that the receipt of a car at Louwman Exclusive is a real joy for each customer.

Maybe you are not as visible for customers at Louwman Exclusive although they all come to deal with you. What exactly is your job?
As a Sales Administrator I make sure, together with my colleague Justin, that a car is ready for delivery. I am especially busy with the administrative tasks that come with it like checking the sales order, drawing up the invoice, completing the files and registering the car.

So you handle a lot of administration around the sale of a car. Did you ever think about doing the sale yourself?
As a child I was really mad about cars and when I was at college I dreamt about going to the IVA. I bought my first car when I was sixteen years old. Until my eighteenth I tinkered a lot on it and drove it once in a while around the property belonging to my parents. The passion for cars did not decrease over the years but I did discover that I had more affinity with figures and economics than with sales and so I made the choice for an education in the area of trade. After my training I again ended up with cars. In the past thirteen years I worked at a Toyota dealership where I was responsible for the sales administration and partly ICY-management.

The brands at Louwman Exclusive are no standard brands. Does that makes your job different?
There are similarities with my former job but the cars we sell here are often unique examples. So many ways to personalize a car are possible that it takes more time to draw up the correct order or the final invoice. Also of course the delivery occurs a little differently.

Here it feels just like a candy store when you love cars, does that still count for you too?
I often used to drive by and I always looked inside. When I told my parents I was going to work at Louwman Exclusive my father was rather emotional. My love for cars was handed on a platter by him. And the work with this company is like a paradise when it comes to cars. You do get used to it but it is still special.

So the passion for cars does not stop when you go home?
No, I like to game and I am always glad when the winter is over because then the F1 season starts! But I also like to go outside. I live in the middle of nature close to the river Lek and that is a wonderful area to walk my dog.


Sales Administrator / Employed since: 2019 / Age: 38 / What keeps him busy outside work: Vincent likes to walk his dog, a mix between a Labrador and a Rottweiler of five years old.

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