Backstage at Louwman Exclusive – Wout Methorst

Wout Methorst's business card indicates chauffeur as his job description, but a jack-of-all-trades is more like it. Each day is unique and often it doesn't go as planned. “My work is just like being at the ’Efteling’, the difference is that I don't have to buy a ticket." Whether his working day can be compared with a ride in the ’Python’? Draw your own conclusion.

You describe yourself as an jack-of-all-trades. How does your usual workday looks like?
If I have to be at the office, I start early. I live in the Betuwe, so I try to be in front of the traffic jam.
I am responsible for the maintenance of the site as well as the building at Louwman Exclusive, so each day I start with a tour around the site to see if anything is broken and if all is working well. At the beginning of the week I consult with the Customer Service Manager which jobs I will deal with. Beside that I also work for the delivering service. There is no fixed planning. For instance during the recent renovation I was often busy inside the building.

Have you always been employed in the car branche?
No, originally I am a packer. I worked with an international removal company, where I loaded sea containers. We also took care of internal relocations, including a hospital in Utrecht. Eventually was employed there in the department of Traumatology. My responsibility was stock control of the animal-laboratory and also performed all logistic jobs for that department. A very varied job.
When the professor for whom I was working retired, my job came to a halt. After that I started in the car industry at NIMAG, the importer of Suzuki, Morgan and TVR.

NIMAG just moved to Vianen and the workshop was full with promotion material that needed to be cleared out and re-organized. I also started to drive for the delivery service of Morgan and TVR. I worked there for 12 years until Morgan and TVR moved to Louwman Exclusive and so I followed the brands.

And does it suit you to work now with other exclusive brands too?
It is a welcome change to pick up or deliver other brands. You also meet new customers that way. But Morgan will always be my favourite.

Because I am a chauffeur for Morgan already for 16 years I know a lot of customers personally. There are customers who especially ask me to pick up their car. For example when they are on a holiday I can pick up the car at their home. I like it very much that some people put their trust in me, this takes several years to build. For the transport I drive a Toyota Landcruiser with a closed trailer of almost 10 meters long. The police regularly stops you to have a look at what is inside the closed trailer. It attracts attention, especially if you have to cross a border to pick up or deliver a car.

It looks like you have a varied job, what is it you enjoy the most?
I feel very much at ease because of the atmosphere at Louwman Exclusive as well as the freedom during my work. The variety is nice, but the most fun is picking up or delivering a Morgan.
The contact with the customer is wonderful. Sometimes my wife comes along to customers that I have known for years and that she has met. Once in a while a customer visits me for a cup of coffee during a tour through the Betuwe in their Morgan.


About Wout

Driver / Employed since 2012 at Louwman Exclusive, before that 12 years within the Louwman Group / Age: 59 / What keeps him busy besides work: Wout likes to spend time with his wife.

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