Lecture ‘Blik op Wielen’ by Bas van Werven & Niels van Roij at the Louwman Museum

The theater lecture 'Blik op Wielen' is a stimulating show in which two car 'freaks', Bas van Werven and Niels van Roij, take you with passion into the wonderful world of car design. Car design appears to be a landscape full of booby traps, a world where concepts such as beauty and ugliness are of secondary importance.

The theater lecture ‘Blik op Wielen’ is a combination of learning and entertainment in which the car industry deals with its heritage and brand DNA. What moves the team of designers to the creation of a new model and what is their journey? Nothing else in society colors our identity as strongly as the car.

The college of Bas van Werven and Niels van Roij takes about one hour. After a short break, the program is interactive, you can ask questions and eventually design your own car!

If you want to learn something about car design and want to have a nice afternoon, you can easily order entrance tickets for the lecture via the website of the Louwman Museum.

The theater lecture starts at 1.30 pm and ends at 4 pm. You have the opportunity to visit the museum before and after the lecture.

Bas van Werven

Jurist, car freak and radio presenter. Co-iniator of BNR Newsradio and for many years presenter of BNR’s National Car Show, the first car program on the radio. Van Werven is fascinated by the automobile and has a rather quirky opinion about this…

Niels van Roij

Passionate speaker and authority in the field of car design, runs his independent automotive design studio in London. Van Roij worked on the New London Taxi and was involved in projects with Ford, Volvo, Rolls-Royce and 10 Downing Street. The studio develops design strategies for car manufacturers and makes coachbuilt one-off automobiles. Recently, their Shooting Brake was presented on the basis of the Tesla Model S.

Judith van Pietersom

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