Morgan built the 2.000th ‘new’ 3 Wheeler

Morgan Motor Company, the more than a hundred years old and most subborn car brand in the world, has recently produced the 2.000th 3 Wheeler. This model, which was reintroduced in 2012 as a homage to the early years of the brand, had a succesful comeback. Louwman Exclusive in Utrecht, importer and dealer of Morgan in The Netherlands, was allowed to deliver the very special 3 Wheeler to a Dutch costumer with a special story.

It was precisely this Morgan 3 Wheeler that the Dutchman was not given just like that. Lastyear, this fan of the legendary British brand managed to put his hand on 3 Wheeler number 1.000, which the Morgan Motor Company produced in 2014. Even before he had registered the car properly, fate struck and the car was lost in a fire. The damage turned out to be so serious that the 3 Wheeler could no longer be repaired, to the great sadness of the brand new owner. After several contacts with the Morgan factory and Louwman Exclusive it was decided to award the unlucky one another jubilee model, in this case 3 Wheeler number 2.000. In terms of execution, the car has references to its predecessor, but due to its matt silver color and special striping, this 3 Wheeler is unique like every other Morgan.

Speed experience

The Morgan 3 Wheeler, a real ‘cycle car’, is being built by Morgan Motor Company for another six years after a production shutdown for 60 years. It is a pure two-seater with no comparison with a two-liter V-twin motorcycle block. Due to the low weight of only 525 kilogram the Morgan sprints from 0 to 100 km/h within 6 seconds and a top speed of almost 200 km/h can be achieved. Due to the low seating position and the small ‘windshields’, the speed experience is enormous. In The Netherlands, Morgan has a large number of enthusiasts and an estimated fifty 3 Wheelers drive around.


Every Morgan can be ordered completely accoring to customer request, so there aren’t two exact same Morgans. Louwman Exclusive in Utrecht also has the knowledge and skills to maintain existing Morgans perfectly and to adapt to the owner’s wishes and provide upgrades.

The Morgan 3 Wheeler is available from € 63.500,- roadworthy including VAT and BPM.

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