Second Masterclass by designer Niels van Roij now available

De Dutch car designer Niels van Roij, who recently received praise for his beautiful design of a shooting break based on a Tesla Model S, will be organizing four exclusive masterclasses on automotive design in the coming weeks, in collaboration with Louwman Exclusive. In each masterclass a model from the showroom of Louwman Exclusive will be discussed where Niels tells you more about the design. The masterclasses will be available one at the time on the website of Louwman Exclusive and can be viewed by everyone.

Niels van Roij explains, with help from the design of the car, which choices were made during the creation of the design. Like no other Niels knows, who runs his own automotive design studio in London and is working for various car manufacturers, which elements determine the final appearance of a car and in which, sometimes in very subtle and surprising way, manufacturers place their DNA in the design. The knowledge and experience of Niels make the masterclasses extremely fascinating and the viewer gets a nice look behind the scenes of car design.

Morgan masterclass

The Morgan Plus is topic of conversation in the latest masterclass. The most popular Morgan combines a powerful four-cylinder engine with the traditional aspects of a classic British sports car. Car designer Niels van Roij takes you into the design behind this ‘classis’ car. He is doing this on the basis of proportion, surfacing and jewelry.

Judith van Pietersom

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