The Lexus RX L through the eyes of Tammo van der Vooren (Brand Manager Lexus)

Before I became involved with Lexus at Louwman Exclusive, I gained several years experience working with other premium cars. This is why I dare to say with complete confidence: Lexus is the most solid and reliable brand you can drive. Take a look at the latest addition to the line-up: the RX L.

The ultimate 7-seater

Japanese craftsmanship

Lexus has been making cars for 29 years and is the youngest of the major premium brands. The brand was created with a clear goal: to create the best premium limousine. This was immediately realized in 1989 with the LS 400. The quality has remained at the highest level ever since. A Lexus is super comfortable, the design and the finish is fantastic and everything makes sense. This is because at Lexus they never do anything without thinking it through properly. The traditional principle of the ‘Takumi’ is central to the entire development and production. This Japanese tradition stands for impeccable and subtle craftsmanship. This gives every Lexus a unique allure including the new RX L.

The most spacious in its class

Lexus has brought out its first 7-seater on the market with the RX L. And the nice thing is: when I see it on the road, I even have to look twice to make sure that it is indeed our 7-seater. This car is in fact only 11 centimeters longer than the ‘normal’ RX. The window frame is slightly longer and the rear window is slightly more vertical but otherwise the lines on the side are identical. But the RX L surprisingly offers so much more space inside. In fact, this is the largest 7-seat premium SUV on the market. The third row of seats consists of two full size electrically folding seats which also have separate climate control and their own USB port. It is certainly not a ‘children’s bench’. For example, I am 1.86 meters long and I fit in here perfectly.

Attractively priced

With all the quality, space, comfort and allure, the Lexus RX L is the ultimate 7-seater in my opinion. And also from a pricing perspective as you pay significantly more for a 7-seater from other premium brands. This makes the choice even easier, I would say! Contact me and hopefully we meet each other in the showroom soon.

Judith van Pietersom

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