The McLaren 720S through the eyes of Alexander Sterk (Brand Manager McLaren)

During my life I have had the privilege to drive in many special cars. But when I was able to drive in the McLaren 720S for the first time, I was truly impressed. Incredible speed, incredible cornering. And not to be forgotten: what an incredible car!

Speed can be so wonderful

A sight for sore eyes

As a sports car brand, it all started for McLaren in 1994 with the legendary F1. Up until 1998, only 100 of these cars were built. In 2011 the brand expanded further with the MP4-12C. Clearly a car developed from a racing perspective, with eye for performance and less for aesthetics. Shortly thereafter the P1 followed – a much sexier version. This trend continued in the 650S and even more so in the 720S. This car design is cutting-edge. A feast for the eye, from whichever angle you look at it.

Sublime driving behavior

The 720S is by far the fastest car on the road for its class. It accelerates to 100 kilometers per hour in 2.8 seconds and to 200 kilometers in 7.8 seconds. This beats a Porsche Turbo S hands down. What makes McLaren unique is the use of the carbon fiber MonoCell. The 720S is lighter and stronger than ever; the car weighs less than 1300 kilos and the stiffness of the chassis ensures a sublime driving behavior. The 720S is a proper drivers car, to be driven on a daily basis. It is equipped with a ‘normal’ 7-speed automatic and the consumption is 1 in 9.5 if you drive 100 kilometers an hour. Thanks to the lift system, it’s also no problem to take it into the city.

Remarkable features

The 720S has a number of remarkable features. For example, the engine compartment lights up red the moment you open or lock it at nighttime. If you put the car in the circuitmode, you can partially tilt the dashboard to create more visibility. In addition, you can have the interior of the 720S designed to your liking: with carbon, calipers in the same color as the bodywork, glass roofs and so on. In short, this McLaren has much more to offer besides amazing performance. Actually, you should just come and see one for yourself.

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