The Morgan 4/4 through the eyes of Wouter Dekker (Brand Manager Morgan)

More than 80 years ago, the first Morgan 4/4 was built. This is the oldest car model to still be in production. The 4/4 owes its name due to the fact that it was the first of its kind in 1936. Morgan had only built three-wheelers up till this time, 4/4 stood for 4 wheels and 4 cylinders.

The first four-wheeler from Morgan

A joy to drive

The 4/4 of today is the Morgan with the lowest price in the portfolio. I think it’s a model with a very individual character. It is super light and steers directly. This is because there is less weight on the front wheels than on the models with heavier engines. On winding roads it really is a pleasure to drive. The engine delivers 110 HP and because it is a car of less than 1,000 kilos, this is more than enough. The 4/4 accelerates from 0 to 100 in 8 seconds and the top speed is around 190 kilometers per hour. These are speeds that you rarely reach in a Morgan, but it does indicate that a cruising speed of 120 – 130 is no problem at all.

Classic look

What I also like about the 4/4 is that it comes with narrow wire wheels and 165 centimeter wide tires. This gives it an extra classic look, which you can complement with a certain color scheme. For example, what appeals to me is a combination of Sports Grey, black wire wheels, Saddle Tan leather and a dashboard in the same shade of grey as the body. This makes the 4/4 almost appear pre-war and a bit more rough. But also a combination like British Racing Green with beige is always a good choice. Add a special sports exhaust underneath to give the 4/4 a nice agressive sound.

Totally to your liking

Like every Morgan, the 4/4 has a high ‘bespoke’ content. It can be delivered straight from the factory in all imaginable colors, with up to 20 types of leather, different dashboards and wire wheels, as well as many more options to make it completely to your liking. All in all, in my opinion this is really a Morgan to the general public, from the true classic fans to people who prefer a bit more of a tough look. I would not be surprised if you fall in love with it.

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