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With brands such as Maserati, McLaren and Morgan in our showroom you may already be impressed. Every brand has its own story and unique characteristics. Is it even possible to make your car even more unique than it already is? We believe this can be achieved through coachbuilding. Together with our partner, car designer and coachbuilding specialist Niels Van Roij, we can make your ‘one-off’ dream car a reality.

Coachbuilding has a rich history. Until a century ago, when Henry Ford introduced mass production to the car industry and a new car rolled off the conveyor belt every 93 minutes, it was customary to have a personalised car body designed. Our coachbuilding combines this classic craftsmanship with top-level car design and the latest computer technology. This offers many more possibilities. What remains the same, however, is the close cooperation between the owner and the designer.

Your personal car designer

The moment you choose for coachbuilding, you will start a cooperation with Niels van Roij Design. Niels will, together with his design team start with extensive research to your wishes. After combining the results from research with your style and life philosophy, they will draw a unique design. The process of coachbuilding takes several months, and they will include you every step of the way. From the first sketch, the hammering of the sheet metal, the mixing of the paint to the moment you take place behind the steering wheel of your extremely individual vehicle. It is a special process, as the coachbuilder will need to speak to you on a very personal level to make the car relevant – exactly as it should be.

Everything is custom-made

Just like a tailor-made suit or an architect-designed house, everything is custom-made during each project. We can translate a desire such as ‘I want the colour British Racing Green’ into something that is much more personal. For example, in the case of a Shooting Brake based on a Tesla Model S, we added an additional hue to the paint that is normally not visible. But when it is looked at from a certain angle and it catches the light, it becomes the exact colour of the owner’s company logo. With coachbuilding the details will make it a personal story.

Proportion, surfacing and jewellery

You may have seen them already; our online Masterclasses Design given by Niels van Roij. In our master classes, our car designer shares his knowledge of car design. In one of his video’s, for example, he used a McLaren 720S to show that three aspects are important to car design: proportion, surfacing and jewellery. Of course, the McLaren is not the only type of car suitable for coachbuilding. Each type of car can be used. The Queen of England, for example, rides in a coachbuild Bentley.

Interested in coachbuilding?

Are u interested in your own one-of-a-kind car, or do you want more information? Leave your details in the form below. We will contact you as soon as possible.