Introduction Trefecta URB Limited Edition

After the initial introduction of the TREFECTA URB and DRT it is now time to unveil our TREFECTA URB Limited Edition.

After the initial introduction of the TREFECTA URB and DRT it is now time to unveil our TREFECTA URB Limited Edition.

The Limited Edition is strictly limited to 33 numbered units. Identified by a unique colour and a polished and engraved Powertrain oil reservoir cover for the introductory price of EUR 29’500 ex. VAT. After the initial run the price for the fully CNC’d version will revert back to EUR 33’333 ex. VAT.

CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control and means that the frame (7075 Aluminium) is machined for 54 hours by a computer controlled mill. Initially weighing 80 kgs, the CNC frame has, when finished, less than 1 mm thick walls. The result is a super light but yet very strong frame. This is done by a state-of-the-art leading Dutch aerospace component manufacturer.

The Limited Edition will be delivered in our specially developed stunning Gunsmoke colour complemented with a mat black drivetrain. Brake levers, brake lid cover, steps, disc brakes and the front fork are all specially anodized in the Gunsmoke colour for further distinction.

The URB is an engineering “Tour de Force” with single sided adaptive suspension front and rear. This is otherwise only found on the most exotic of machines! The URB front fork has a tapered down tube which was developed using FEM structural analysis.

Of course our Limited Edition can be delivered with the DRT heavy duty oval piston up side down front fork. This double legged front fork can handle the roughest of terrains.
According to your personal wishes the Limited Edition can be delivered in 3 power stages. The engine can support you to:

• 25 km/h – Pedelec and road legal
• 45 km/h – Speed Pedelec and road legal
• Unlimited – Off-road only – not allowed on public roads

If you desire the road legal version the eBike will be outfitted with the L1e Road Pack. This consists of fenders, mirrors, number plate holder and approved lights. The specially developed headlight, featuring daylight running halo’s, dipped light, main beam and super beam settings, compliments our URB fork in a really great way. Alternatively the Limited Edition can be outfitted with white, brown or black tires complemented with matching Brooks saddle and grips. The Limited Edition can be fully personalized to accommodate the owner’s wish.

The limited Edition is available now and can be ordered for our Benelux customers at Louwman Exclusive located in Utrecht. You can contact us directly or order through our website:

Judith van Pietersom

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