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Lexus LS

A pioneer through and through

We are highly enthusiastic about the fifth generation of the Lexus LS. This hybrid limousine raises the bar for automotive technology significantly. It is far more than just a new model. The whole design was reevaluated and updated and improved where necessary. The result: a luxury, comfortable sedan that drives beautifully and delivers spectacular performance. In our opinion, this is the ideal choice for corporate drivers who demand high standards. One of the innovative features of the LS is the Multi Stage Hybrid system: a combination of a 3.5 litre V6 petrol engine and two powerful electric engines, which together deliver 264 kW/359 HP. This feat translates into a highly responsive gas pedal and low rpm at high speeds. In addition, you can drive up to 140 kilometres per hour in electric mode without having to charge the battery with a plug. Not to mention the comfortable seats with shiatsu massage option, both at the front and back. Or the latest Lexus Safety System +, now with pedestrian detection in combination with Active Steering. Is the LS your ideal limousine too? Discover it for yourself in our showroom.

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€ 118.495
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liter V6

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