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Unadulterated Italian passion

Italian extravagance. A design like something out of a science fiction film. Furiously roaring engines. And colours you could describe as expressive, to say the least. That is Lamborghini. And at Louwman Exclusive, we cannot get enough of them. All thanks to Ferruccio Lamborghini. Building tractors was not exciting enough for him, so at the start of the Sixties, he decided to do something enjoyable on the side. Good idea, because, Lamborghini has been dazzling the world ever since with with models like the Miura, the Countach, and in our era, the Huracan and the Aventador. Each one an absolute stunner, to the point of being showy. Anyone who has ever seen a Lamborghini parked somewhere knows exactly what we mean. Do you own one of these sturdy stallions from the Ferruccio stable? Then we would be delighted to maintain it. With the essential guarantees, because we belong to the official Lamborghini Service network. Besides, we only use original Lamborghini parts and we have direct access to factory expertise. In short, welcome to Louwman Exclusive. We will hear you coming.

Alexander Sterk

McLaren Brand Manager

Tel. :
+ 31 (0)6 53 63 06 30

In our showroom

Make your dream a reality at Louwman Exclusive

Selezione Certified Pre-Owned

Just as a brand new Lamborghini

A pre-owned Lamborghini has its advantages. But there is more, because before a Lamborghini receives the quality label "Selezione Certified Pre-Owned", it has been assessed by our experts. And as an Official Service Dealer you know that we only use original parts and meet all the requirements set by the factory. The car thus meets the highest quality standards. Because a second owner also wants a first-class sports car.

  • Only original parts
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Meet at least 150 checks
  • Maximum 24 months warranty
  • Direct contact with the factory
  • Certified technicians
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