We are Louwman Exclusive

Love for extraordinary is in our genes

Louwman Exclusive is a true provider of freedom and independence. The domain of the individual. Of a person with an idiosyncratic personality; someone successful in society. A person who always follows their own course and dares to stick their head above the parapet. Louwman Exclusive enables people to fulfil their deepest desires. For those who don’t want to follow the masses. They crave the exceptional; a car that’s simply out of the ordinary. We’re here for those who follow their hearts and listen to their inner voice.

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Empowering people to fulfill their desires

You need a partner with dedication and empathy to help you fulfil all your aspirations and desires. Someone who understands your dreams. We like to be at the forefront, but also believe in old-fashioned connection and personal contact. The world of Louwman Exclusive reflects everything our customers long for from luxury cars, lifestyle, travel and surprising encounters. You’re Invited!

At Louwman Exclusive, we focus on a community feeling and solidarity. Despite the fact that our cars are an important part of who we are, we’re mainly about experiencing our world together.

Arjen van Beek, Managing Director

We are a supplier of freedom and independence

We aim to create a place where your dreams come true. So you become more and more adventurous. Daring to do more, going your own way and certainly not simply following the rest. It’s your domain; the domain of the individual. We’re there for people who follow their own course, no matter what others say. People with an unceasing desire to be different. We unite these desires with the world of luxury and comfort. We are Louwman Exclusive.