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Born to drive

Once in a while we start one in our workshop. We all fall silent for a moment. Out of respect, perhaps. Because a McLaren is so much more than a car. It represents pure racing history with hyper-modern technology, sensationally packaged. And the best part is: you simply can hit the road with it. Apparently, there are even people who go shopping in their McLarens. But as far as we are concerned, a McLaren is mainly made to go. All the way. McLaren is of course known for its illustrious racing history, Formula 1 for example. That legacy is reflected in the name of the sports car with which McLaren stunned the market in 1992: the McLaren F1 designed by Gordon Murray. Still the ultimate supercar according to many and now worth astronomical sums of money. Nevertheless, we think the McLarens of today are just as thrilling. There are models in three categories, each of which provides an ascending adrenaline rush: the Sports Series, the Super Series and the Ultimate Series. And maintenance of this top athlete on wheels? Not to worry. The experts at Louwman Exclusive would be delighted to assist.

Alexander Sterk

McLaren Brand Manager

Tel. :
+ 31 (0)6 53 63 06 30

In our showroom

Make your dream a reality at Louwman Exclusive

McLaren Qualified

Enjoy a young used McLaren in perfect condition

A pre-owned McLaren has its advantages. But there is more, because before a McLaren is awarded the "Qualified" quality label, it is assessed by our experts. Strictly assessed. We thus guarantee that the car meets our highest quality standards. That the McLaren is really as good as new. Because a second owner also wants a first-class sports car or supercar

  • Standard 1 year McLaren Qualified warranty
  • Inspection by certified technician
  • Serviced three months after purchase
  • The tires meet the requirements of McLaren
  • Your car ready for use according to the regulations
  • Only original McLaren parts
  • Maintained within a recognized McLaren network
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