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Japanese craftsmanship

At Louwman Exclusive, we are very enamoured with Lexus. Why? In the first place, because Lexus is synonymous with Japanese craftsmanship and excellent cars. We know from experience that a Lexus cylinder is virtually indestructible. The tradition of craftsmanship and superb quality, Takumi called, is aimed at the Lexus Takumi masters. Each Takumi has finely developed senses, an extreme eye for detail and has at least 25 years of experience within a specific part of the production process. He is not satisfied with less than perfection. But Lexus is more than quality and excellence. Just as well, because there are enough ordinary cars. We think the current Lexus line is incredible. It is clear that Lexus wants to be better than the best. And that is an aspiration to which we can relate perfectly. If you are looking for a LC, LC Convertible, LS, RC F or RX you are more than welcome in our showroom.

Alexander Sterk

McLaren Brand Manager

Tel. :
+ 31 (0)6 53 63 06 30

In our showroom

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Lexus Select

Like a brand new Lexus

A pre-owned Lexus had its advantages. But there is more, because before a Lexus receives the quality label 'Select', it has been assessed by our experts. Strictly assessed. We thus guarantee that the car meets our highest standards. That the Lexus is really as good as new. Because a second owner also wants a first-class car.

  • 24 month Lexus Warranty
  • Standard with new MOT
  • Controlled mileage
  • Lexus Roadside Assistance
  • Hybrid Health Check
  • 360 Graden Check
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