Lexus RX | Radiating Luxury | Ervaar het zelf bij Louwman Exclusive

Design and high comfort combined

Radiating luxury Lexus RX

Self-charging hybrid powertrain

Available in an extra sporty version

Updated Lexus Safety System +

Lexus RX | Radiating Luxury | Ervaar het zelf bij Louwman Exclusive

It's more than just

batteries and engines

Lexus knows like no other that electrification is about more than powertrains and engines. They have been at the forefront in electrification of premium segment cars for some 15 years. And the new Lexus RX is no exception. This luxurious SUV is a combination of a daring design and cutting-edge technology. How daring was the design? It took six months to translate the detailed design of the grille into a finished part. And with the RX you feel the Lexus tradition flowing throughout the car; also known as ‘Omotenashi’. Lexus welcomes you to the updated RX.

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Lexus | Louwman Exclusive



Lexus is known for its self-charging hybrids. And the RX is also powered by a self-charging hybrid powertrain. It’s a combination of an exceptionally flexible petrol engine and electric motors. This means you don’t need to connect your RX to a charging point as it charges itself while you’re driving. You can enjoy power and control, significantly reduced emissions and unbelievable reliability.

0 - 100 km/h

7,8 seconds

Maximum speed

200 km/h


249 hp


3.5 Liter V6 Hybrid



to perform

The goal when building the RX? ‘I instructed my team to do everything possible to ensure that the new RX is simply the most enjoyable drive ever’, stated Chief Engineer Takeaki Kato. And that’s what they did. The RX was given an aluminium bonnet and boot lid to make the car lighter and more agile. The chassis was made even more rigid using more weld and adhesion points, resulting in considerably fewer vibrations. Finally, they developed more rigid axles and a new rear wheel suspension. The result? Road holding that exudes reliability and offers tremendous agility.


Aluminum bonnet

Chassis stiffer

More welding and glue points

Stiffer axles

New rear suspension

Lexus RX | Radiating Luxury | Ervaar het zelf bij Louwman Exclusive



at a new level

The interior of the RX feels incredibly luxurious, partly through the use of laser-cut wood. Every piece of wood is made using the laser process that Yamaha Music uses to make pianos. Improvements have been made in both the materials as well as the technology. Take the 12.3” multimedia display, for instance; easy to operate and containing all the important functions.

Enhance your

driving experience

The new RX changes the existing ideas of what an SUV should be. Externally but certainly also internally. As soon as you get inside, the craftsmanship and quality, eye for detail and the advanced safety technology are there for all to see.

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Lexus RX | Radiating Luxury | Ervaar het zelf bij Louwman Exclusive Lexus RX | Radiating Luxury | Ervaar het zelf bij Louwman Exclusive
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