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The hand-crafted legend

We are proud to be Morgan's home base in the Netherlands. Simply because we love this eccentric British brand. From the classic Plus 4 to the sensational Aero: a Morgan always produces a smile. The secret is pure passion. Morgan was never set up for the purpose of generating a great deal of revenue. When H.F.S. Morgan designed and built a car for himself in 1909, he did it for pleasure. But he received so many compliments that he built more. And so the legend began. Morgans are still made by hand. We supply all the current models, in three categories: 3Wheeler, Classic and Aero. Terrific cars that combine classic design with dazzling performance. The latter is primarily down to its extremely light weight. That makes a Morgan a pure joy to drive. No wonder many of our Morgan clients belong to touring clubs. Today, Morgan produces 800 cars per year. So the legend lives on. Would you like to be a part of it? Morgan named us European Dealer of the Year in 2017. So you know where to go.

Alexander Sterk

McLaren Brand Manager

Tel. :
+ 31 (0)6 53 63 06 30

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