The GT driven by McLaren DNA

Defy the limits McLaren GT

Monocell II-T Monocoque

570 liters of luggage space

4.0-liter twin-turbo V8

We don’t break rules

We make them

McLaren is proud to be different. And we can only endorse that. Because, when McLaren rewrites the rulebook, they do that with complete conviction. Just look at the McLaren GT. A Grand Tourer with sensational acceleration; an agile supercar that’s so comfortable that long journeys are a breeze. You can take 570 litres of luggage with you; for instance, a golf bag with five large weekend bags. And weighing in at 1530 kg, the GT is also the lightest in its class. And its 4.0-litre, twin-turbo V8 also offers performance that simply takes your breath away. Some may think ‘you can’t have everything’. But we know better.

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Tradition can’t

keep up

Traditionally, Grand Tourers have their engines at the front. But McLaren does things differently. In the centre of the customised MonoCell II-T, there’s a new McLaren 4.0-litre V8 engine with double turbo compressor. And as well as awe-inspiring supercar performance, with the McLaren GT you can also enjoy a stunningly smooth and easy drive.

0 - 100 km/h

3,2 seconds

Maximum speed

326 km/h


620 hp


4-liter twin-turbocharged V8


McLaren to

the core

The GT is all about innovation. The core is a lightweight, rigid MonoCell II-T – a new version of the carbon fibre chassis – which has been optimised for daily use. It also creates more luggage capacity and increased cabin space, as well as making the car hundreds of kilos lighter. Stronger than steel or aluminium, so safer, capable and thrilling. Apparently, you can have it all.

Dry Weight

1.466 kilograms


MonoCell II-T


Special GT suitcase set


Next generation


They reinvented luxury in the McLaren GT. Bulky clutter and weight are things of the past; it’s all about elegance. The new Grand Tourer feel is light and spacious. Of course, McLaren uses materials of the very highest quality, whether for the seat upholstery or the striking stitching.

Enhance your

driving experience

With the GT the McLaren designers really let their craftsmanship shine through and the attention to detail in the interior is phenomenal. They’ve given so much consideration to all the materials and to the flow, from seats to dashboard. And to design your GT exactly according to your taste, McLaren offers an overwhelming breadth of personalisation options.

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What to expect when choosing McLaren?

At Louwman Exclusive we don’t only sell the most stunning McLarens… we also ensure that they leave our workshop in tip-top condition. As official McLaren Automotive partner, our professionals follow all the official brand training courses and work exclusively with original factory parts, ensuring that you enjoy your McLaren in the utmost safety.

Maintained by certified technicians
Training and knowledge from the manufacturer
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Benefit from great gifts and events
Member of the McLaren Owners’ Club
Includes awesome track days with other McLaren Owners

Special care by our specialists

Whether you want to take a test drive or need answers to any questions, our professionals will be delighted to help you.

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